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Hectic life, lack of knowledge with organization, unable to dispose due to sentimental values; these are the most common excuses for having a messy and cluttered house. One gets frustrated when he is unsure with the ways to tidy up a cluttered dwelling space. A new home-transformation program hosted by Chen Han Wei, with the help of interior designers and declutter gurus, promise to share useful tips with the viewers. 生活忙碌、不懂收纳、舍不得丢,是现代人囤积杂物最常见的理由。你是不是也面对着家里杂物太多、空间太小的烦恼?全新家居改造节目,由陈汉玮主持,每集将有室内设计师、收纳达人教你如何用小小的空间打造舒适、整齐又实用的生活环境,实现“家简尘除”!

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