Designer Profile: Billy

 Senior Design Manager


The interior designer that we worked with, Billy, handled the entire process splendidly, from the design stage and the actual renovation works to the final touch-ups. My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the end results! He’s also honest and practical when offering his feedback. We would recommend him and Starry Homestead to our friends! – Andre

Billy from Starry Homestead was the most proactive and understood fully what I wanted. I had a special request of building my stove on an island but most of the IDs were not comfortable with my requirement except Billy. I am very happy of how my island kitchen turned out! Also, he is quick to rectify my issues and I had no major problems. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

I would like to thank my ID Billy Chan from Starry Homestead for making my dream home a reality. I met several IDs but Billy was the only one who took my simple doodle of the ideal home seriously. Even though he was the expert in his field, he was prepared to customize his design to fit most of my requirements. He was also conscientious in following up with me from the initial design to the actual renovation and even now in the post renovation phase. Along the way, he provided practical suggestions which helped me to make the right choices in furnishing my place in the most cost effective way possible. I must say i really enjoyed this renovation project and it was a blessing to have Billy as my ID. I am very impressed with his professionalism and his enthusiasm. Great job Billy. Keep up the good work and keep in touch! – Carolyn C.

Reinstate a resales unit to original condition not just about designing but requires one skill to handle quite a number challenging tasks. An experienced ID is highly desirable to plan the revamp work and monitor the progress closely on behalf of house owner. I would like to thank Billy Chan, my ID from Starry Homestead. Billy is someone who can take up this job just right. He is a patient and practical guy. Not only he will respect client’s decision but importantly will correct me if he thinks my idea isn’t down to earth enough.He may have forgotten some materials that i suggested at initial phase due to his busy schedule but he never fail to follow up later. His response is prompt too, always get back to me within a short period of time whenever I have some inquiries or doubt. Once again, thank you and good job! – Valerie Y.