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Put simply, eclectic interior design is a mix and match style. The eclectic interior design combines elements of styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project. However, it is not necessarily that mixing together that many features of such a variety of styles in some design work would look chaotic. On the contrary, eclectic style is rather harmonious, where different pieces of furniture, for example, have their unique places. Also, all the elements are in a thoughtful connection with the other parts of the style in the room. The colour choices also play an important role to make the environment feel artistic.


When it comes to Eclectic interior design for homes, offices, and commercial spaces in Singapore, Starry Homestead has a lot of experience. The following is a list of the services we provide:

  • Eclectic design consultation – Eclectic design can be chaotic or harmonious depending on the skill of the designer. The success of the design is determined by how a designer applies this principle to a certain environment. We are offering helpful advice to our clients who wish to get this design.
  • Renovation – We provide modest and large-scale renovation services based on Scandinavian design principles. Although having a specific style across your house or business is ideal, we may nonetheless provide a partial refurbishment upon request.
  • Spatial Analysis – One of the most important components of this design is the amount of space it creates. As a result, we can advise you on how to improve your interior to allow for more spaces.