Customer Testimonials

Daniel Eliza H Tay
Posted on October 2017

We chanced upon Jason at a Marina Square roadshow. As we had a limited budget, we didn’t know if Jason or anyone would accept the challenge of designing and renovating an old resale slightly large 5room flat. But within two weeks, we met up with Jason and signed on with him directly.

What made us sign with Jason

His attentiveness, being assertive and of course colour-coordination (that is very important to the wife). He does not go with the flow of what others had done. Instead, he took the only 3 things we had in our mind: soft colours, outdoor looking kitchen and toilets and bathtub. We did not have any ideas of what we wanted, just related to him these 3 things and to squeeze in a bathtub in our sort of out of place MBR toilet, that was really something. He took our request in stride and we haven’t looked back since. So basically, he designed based on our 3 requests only. Hands up for being creative!


From start to completion took exactly 2 months with days to spare. Jason was frequently on-site and kept us updated with photographs and messaging or calling us when doubts arose. He is very quick to answer any of our queries even late into the evening.

Along the way, we changed our renovation a little i.e. changing of doors or door handles only and adding additional aircon etc. He has been very patience with us and giving us advice on what can and cannot be done. I would say he is a problem solver. One incident was our built in wardrobe was up before our curtain rods. Ended up, there was no space to drill in the curtain holder. Our fault, as we forgot to tell Jason that we wanted full length curtain. I was freaking out but he assures me it can be done and he and the carpenter took out one part of the wardrobe first to drill in the curtain holder and back on the side of the wardrobe. We trust him 100%.

Throughout the whole renovation process, we left everything to Jason and we did not even pop by to take a look. The only time we went over was to discuss the placing of aircon, kitchen and toilet accessories.

On Completion

On the final defects check, Jason and his team came down to fix some minor issue and that was it. He sent a cleaner to clean our flat and the cleaner did a superb job.


Our apartment is 39 years old but it look brand new now. Even the people (different companies) who started delivering our furnishings commented on how beautiful our place looks. This is the ultimate praise for an ID who had spent so much time on our flat apart from his other projects.

3 requests = Beautiful home.


NOTE: Anyone can do a good job with high renovation costs, but NOT everyone can produce good quality job with a budget.

 Joey Lam
Posted on October 2017

We would like to thank Jason Lim for doing an excellent job in designing our apartment. As a designer, he is well versed in his practicality, technical knowledge and has a great sense of aesthetics. Jason offered great design ideas, and also took into consideration our preferences and requirements as well as the urgency to move in. It also helped that Jason offered sound advice when we wanted to build a bathtub in our master bedroom’s toilet.

From the inception of the project to the handover, Jason took effort to be on-site regularly to ensure the progress of the renovation. He was also very responsive and responsible in providing updates. Jason was able to conceptualise what we were looking for, and connect the dots to bring our vision into reality.

The design and finishes created a warm and cosy ambience. Our apartment, once a dual key concept with a studio and a 2 bedder has now been transformed into an open concept with our master bedroom in an island of its own. The apartment has become a place of relaxation, rejuvenation and inspirational to our family. Once again thank you Jason for your patience with us throughout the project, we will definitely recommend you to our friends and continue your service in our next Reno project. Absolutely awesome experience with you and starry homestead.

Leonus Tan
Posted on October 2017

My have a lovely and cute ID – Bear Bear Lawrence. Very accommodative to changes and the 2 ways communication were almost perfect over the period, we are more Friend! Would strongly recommend my Friend and those looking for a nice accommodative friendly ID!

Once again Thk Bear Bear!

Haibin Zhang
Posted on September 2017

Recently got the designer -Nicky Ng from Starry Homestead company, need to say it is good experience for my first time renovation, really appreciate her patience, hard-working and professional work. Good job !

Zhang Wenjie
Posted on September 2017

Having heard of the numerous positive reviews about Emily, we decided to make a trip down to experience it ourselves. Among the many IDs we have visited, she was the one whom we really hit off with. From concept drawings to material selection, every process of the renovation was well scheduled and planned. During the first meet up, Emily was already able to grasp the essence of what we are looking for in our home. Through her vast experience, she recommended new and innovative ideas on how to accomplish the details we are looking for.

She helped us manage our renovation progress through our busiest period and gave prompt updates on any issues that arose. The whole home renovation experience was pleasant and the project was completed on time. We are very pleased with the outcome of the whole renovation journey and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Emily for helping to convert our ideas into reality.

Malou Gonzales
Posted on August 2017

Among the designers we’ve met, Emily Voon made us felt at ease and we felt her geniune concern to help us. She is a designer who doesn’t just present you with designs she’s done before but really listen to what you want and prefer, provide pros and cons before suggesting alternatives and lets you decide what’s best. She’s very accommodating, easy to deal with and not calculative. Very pleasant to have on your side taking out the stress of renovation. We are very satisfied with the workmanship of her team and appreciate Emily’s renovation timeline management. We’re very thankful that she’s our designer and strongly recommend her

Vivian Wong
Posted on August 2017 ·

A very big thank to our ID Wai tuck and his teams!Just like any owners who will have fear and uncertain of any ID firms. We are really the lucky ones and glad to meet him ! Wai Tuck called, when i sent an email over to Starry Homestead. He was nice to advise me to make a appointment on the event date that actually benefit us, so i made a appointment with him.

During the Reno and discussions, he always accommodated with our late meet up which often lead him to OT(s) and even specially arrange a time for us, for tile selection during his CNY off day. We are often changing the ideas for the TV console as we have 7.1 speakers and they are bulky, needed specific placement/allowance and wires routing. He was very patient to listen to my hubby and taking notes of every details, finding ways to hide our messy wires, plus! even goes to the extent of understanding the whole speaker routing structure. With excellent services from him, regular updates, fast rectify, will be there to help us for any uncertainty, willing to go extra miles and well observation!

Our heartfelt gratitude to Wai Tuck, for fulfilling our home sweet home and making our renovation process a hassle-free journey.

Hazilah Hamzah
Posted on August 2017

Starry Homestead was recommended to us through Qanvast. Jason was our ID. On our first appointment, we sat down and shared with him our ideas. He sketched on our floor plan, told us his recommendations and was transparent with the pricing. Jason wasn’t pushy, readily available, it was very easy to get through him. Renovation progress was through WhatsApp so it’s easy for us to track. He even let us know when he is away. Renovation was carried out as per scheduled which I must applaud. There were minimal issues/defects and Jason was prompt in rectifying them. Throughout the renovation, we were at ease as we know Jason is someone we could trust and rely on. No regrets!

Thanks Jason and Starry Homestead! Keep it up!

HaZel Xie
Posted on August 2017

We would like to commend the designer for his professionalism, enthusiasm, positive attitude, good service and friendliness. He’s very willing to share his knowledge and always giving good advices. He took a lot of pride in his work and we are very comfortable communicating with him and his responds are always fast. Would definitely recommend him to friends and relatives who needs a good ID. Thumbs up!

Lecky Leck
Posted on July 2017

Big thank you to Wai Tuck and his team for transforming our ancient 37 year old 5 room resale into its current look! Coming home to the comfortable and beautiful home everyday after work is what I look forward to the most. Wai Tuck was wonderful throughout the renovation process – efficient, responsive, responsible, creative and very detailed orientated. His eye for detail and design is impressive. Not only does my home look good, it is also highly functional.

I have zero regrets picking Starry Homestead and so thankful to have gotten Wai Tuck as my ID.
In the beginning, we started off having 9 different quotations. However, the value for money as well as quality was what captured our hearts eventually. The kitchen and toilet package that came with the free accessories was such a good deal that I was second guessing if this was a scam. It turned out to be the best decision ever. Having heard so many horror stories with regards to renovation, I was a bit apprehensive about mine. It turned out that my worries were uncalled for. The whole process was so smooth sailing.

I changed my mind about the kitchen design several times and Wai Tuck was so accommodating towards all my ideas. The best part was that he did not charge me for most of the changes if possible. He spent so much time with us giving his inputs regarding lighting, tiles, furniture colour etc etc. He even goes out of his way to help build furniture that we bought externally. Where can you find someone like that??

5 stars! Tip top service. I am very pleased with the end result of my home and highly highly highly recommend him and Starry Homestead!!!

Kenneth Lin
Posted on July 2017

Transforming and giving a NEW Life to my 4rooms Resale HDB!
I believe every owner will be excited to get their house renovated after they took their hse keys. When I started scouting for the reno company, I had the following requirements for the selection.
– Creative ideas that will “WOW” me
– Able to understand the owner’s living lifestyle and habit
– Exceed owner’s expectation and satisfaction
– Prompt service recovery when needed
– Able to explain why things are not done in the way I wanted and offer solutions/recommendations
– A reasonable price for the job delivered
I am happy to know my IDs, and would like to take this opportunity to thank the ID for the creative ideas offered and for the patience & detailed follow up.

There were many areas to look into – From the conceptual design planning to the selection of the tiles and even to the design of the bathroom. They were professional and showed great patience to go through with me. The whole renovation experience had been great and enjoyable! I received many good comments from friends and relatives, especially when they first stepped into my house with WOW! Although there were hiccups for some of the reno workmanship, they were fast to rectify and thanks for the fine touch up. Overall satisfied! Look out for them if you want to engage an ID for your hse reno.

Lastly, hope they will still follow up with me if I require their services during the warranty period and thereafter.

Kelyn Ooi
Posted on July 2017

The designers are not only beautiful in aesthetics but also very clever and thoughtful, balancing form and function perfectly. Both designers understand her clients’ likes, dislikes, balances their wants and needs and tailors their designs to suit them.

He is an exceptional designer, and is able to bring their unique touch and signature bespoke fretwork designs to their works, while keeping to the clients brief. We have enjoyed working with him; there are very pleased with the space they has designed specially for us. Also, their after sales service is very good. Already 1 year with them and still counting on!

Regards, Kelyn

Justin Kang
Posted on June 2017

Thank you very much; Everything was completed within schedule and workmanship was good. Communication was 2 way which I appreciate alot. If you’re looking for a smooth renovation journey with an id who is willing to listen to your opinions and provide you good suggestions, please look up Starry Homestead!

Lionel Tan
Posted on June 2017

Thank you ID and Starry on your fantastic efforts transforming my 4 BR EC into a dream home! The final product is fantastic. Friends & visitors have complimented the home to be elegant, cozy and feels like a hotel.

I started off on extremely low budget with an idea of modern marble themed home. 6 IDs cannot propose within budget before the designer came along. Starry offered free lighting vouchers for renovation package sign up that weekend and the deal was too good to be true. I signed on the spot and the rest was history.

Quality, service are fabulous even with the reasonable price. The designer was able to integrate my ideas and wants into his design. In the process, the ID accommodated several design re-work and recreated 3D drawings to ensure end product was exactly what I wanted. We were given a free hand in furniture, lighting and appliances selection and the ID provided his inputs in person or via what’s app to ensure our selection fitted the overall theme.

Value added services included a free helping hand with TOP defects check and coordinating renovation activities with non-Starry contractors like home automation, ceiling fan, lighting and automated rack suppliers. The ID was meticulous and ensured that any sub quality workmanship or defects are spotted and remediated.

From key collection to completion of renovation all done within a short 4 weeks. As we were in a hurry to move in, the ID lost no time in lining up his workers to start work immediately day after completion of defects check at 1.5 weeks after key collection. Renovation completed within record time of 2.5 weeks which was well within the 4 weeks he promised. This is excellent work and coordination.

As I was very actively involved and engaged in the whole ID journey and had a good idea of what I want, the completed home very much met my expectations. I am very satisfied and proud of the end product. For the price, service, quality and wait time – the renovation deal I signed up with the ID and Starry really is unbeatable.

As a testament to the excellent work, we started a new renovation project for mum’s home with the ID even before one at our new home wrapped up. I trust the ID will also deliver that project within reasonable price, good quality, service and within a short time.

Great job Starry and ID! Keep it up!

Xiu Hui 
Posted on May 2017

This is a review of the designer, who has help to make our renovation a very smooth process.
Our main considerations for engaging an ID are cost, service and design. We think that he scored well.

1) Cost
Prices quoted to us are reasonable, and in fact, it was lower than the other IDs we met. We were a bit wary initially as it might mean poorer quality. Luckily, the quality is not compromised. More importantly, there is no hidden cost. The final price we paid is almost the same as the quotation. (minor differences are due to additional job that we added along the way)

2) Service
The designer is very patience. We are not afraid of asking him any questions as he will always respond to us nicely. No bad attitude shown, which we think is very important. There is one incident that I would like to share. We bought a basin from Taobao that does not come with a stopper. We had to buy the stopper ourself and get the designer to install it for us. It was fixed. However, one day, I met the plumber and realised that the one we bought was not the correct size. The one that was installed was actually from the plumber. We really appreciate the self-initiative shown here. Post renovation (ie after we paid), Samuel continue to respond to our queries promptly.

3) Design
We have a preferred theme and have some ideas/designs that we like. The designer was willing to listen and managed to turn our ideas into reality. 3D drawing was identical to the final product. Overall, we are satisfied with the designer, and definitely we will recommend ppl who are looking for ID to consider him.

Jeremy Ng
Posted on April 2017

It had been wonderful to meet with the designer during the road show. He is very professional and always with great ideas. Very compromising on our demands. Would strongly recommend him..

Estee Chong
Posted on April 2017

We would like to thank our ID, Jason at Starry Homestead, for making our 5 room BTO beautiful and cosy. Jason is very responsible, professional and systematic, and sends us updates and photos in WhatsApp regularly. He will plan the work in advance and let us know what will be done on each particular day. He also answers any questions that we have promptly, and will try to illustrate how things will look in drawing. He can be trusted to ensure that everything goes well.

In our first meeting, Jason understood what we want for the house, and gave us a proposal that fits our budget immediately. As we have met with other IDs as well and was introduced to (e.g.) different
table-top materials, Jason was there to explain what are the differences and what he would recommend.

After we decided to go with Jason, he guided us on selecting the colour scheme we wanted for the house, and gave recommendations on the colour matching for the cabinets, floor and walls. During the next meeting he provided us with the 3D drawings and also played around with some changes in colour as to give us more options on what we like.

The carpentry work was done well and to our expectation. Although there were some miscommunication regarding the false ceiling / ceiling lights, Jason could give us options on what actions we could take to rectify the issue without paying extra. We would like to specially thank the master who did the vinyl flooring for the house. It was done really well with no gaps or weird patches that I see in other houses. Rectification work was done quickly too, like replacing of cracked tile and painting touch up for the whole house. Overall, the process was very smooth and was done within the timeline that Jason has estimated.

Jason will appear on site regularly to inspect the work, although the location is quite out of the way from his office, and meet us on weekends morning to inspect the house together. We are very satisfied and happy with Jason and will recommend him to our friends.

Thank you Jason and Starry Homestead!

Edwin Seah Jianhong
Posted on Feb 2017

Fate brought us to Rayson. He was one of our friend’s ID and was recommended by him to get Rayson on board as our ID. Being in almost the same line, I would like to say that Rayson displayed utmost professionalism in his job. We went to meet him with an idea of how we want to have our place done up and our initial thoughts on combining a theme of having wood tone, grey and possibly as little stuff as possible and stuck him with a question on our long living room. He responded with an absolute gem of an idea for the long living room that I have. The idea then transformed my long living room into something that accentuates the space that I have.

During the discussion phase, Rayson was extremely patient and gave us ideas that really transformed our place into something that we could not have thought of, accompanying us to our materials selection and not once was there any complains at all.

Very soon, this was put into action and I must say Rayson was really helpful being the main point of contact for everything and things got on smoothly and he was able to hand over our place to us within the said timeline, amidst the project being at the end of the year when many of his clients are rushing to complete the job. He accommodated to our many requests and helped us along the way.

Even at this post renovation stage, he is still willing to assist us in minor queries in the “after-use” feedback.
Kudos to Rayson and the team at Starry Homestead for making things happen for us. Your professionalism have made me give this 5-star rating to you. From strangers to client-customer to friends!

I’m definitely recommending more friends to you!

Anny Lee
Posted on Feb 2017

Starry Homestead designer
在2016年的年底,我们已经搬进新房子了,这对我们全家人来说是一件非常开心、非常重要的事情!非常感谢,你们几个月以来的热心帮助,帮我们精心设计,细心安排,充分利用每一个空间、每一个角落。虽然在这个漫长的过程中出现了一些小问题,但是你们都及时和我们沟通,及时想办法,帮忙解决了。尤其是Billy Chan,经验丰富,思维敏捷,独具匠心,热心助人,帮我们做了一些巧妙的设计,付出很多!

Noah Tan
Posted on Jan 2017

Our designer is helpful & carries a very good attitude to tackle the problems faced during the renovation process. His suggestion & design ideas are definitely very helpful to meet our needs. His deep experience as an interior designer was able to value add to the design & functionality of our home. He was able to help us visualize our home(through his freehand drawing & patient explanations) even before we started renovation. This gives a level of assurance & confidence to work together with him. Overall, we really thank God for him to help us renovate our house. It is really a go-to place where we can feel comfortable & cozy, especially after a tired day at work.

Starry’s showroom is quite comprehensive. Their showroom design was able to trigger many creative ideas during the designing & selection of materials, needed to build our dream home. Overall, their showroom is a conducive place for Brainstorming renovation ideas. Aircon is good, feels very cozy & staff are friendly.

Cheers to the staff of Starry homestead, Vincent @ Yola.

Wei Kiong
Posted on Jan 2017

We would like to take this opportunity to give our utmost honour to Rayson from Starry Homestead for his professionalism and going extra mile services. Not only he did a wonderful design, his meticulous attention to details during the renovation were tremendous.

Before the commencement of the renovation work, Rayson went through each step with us in a systematically and approachable manner. He listened to our opinions and accommodated them in his design. Though he may also reject our ideas at times, he provided his expertise advices to justify them. This is professionalism.

From time to time, he also took the initiative to provide prompt updates of the works progress. Although there were slight issues made along the way, Rayson informed us upfront and given with us the assurance that the issues will be resolved. This is integrity.

Throughout the entire renovation process, Rayson amended his design through his attentiveness to every details, has ensured that our sweet home is in his good hands. His expectation of providing good design and end product to his customer has proven himself as a responsible ID. This is excellence.

With such wonderful traits, Rayson, being a responsible Senior Design Consultant, has gained our trust.
It’s was indeed an amazing journey how we engaged Rayson as our ID, and now he is our friend. We would like to thanks Starry Homestead for assigning Rayson to us and we are well pleased with the final work to our sweet home.

Also, we believe his traits are his chief assets to the company.

Thank you and all the best to Rayson and Starry Homestead!

Shi Jie
Posted on Jan 2017

I did some research through Qanvast and was also recommended by a friend to Starry Homestead. My whole renovation went really well! I really like how the designer, Ling, designed our place with good and creative ideas. Our neighbours even came in to and compliment our home! We really appreciate how she was always very responsive. Even when we messaged her at 10pm, she would respond almost instantaneously. As we were in a rush to move in, she really managed the timeline very well. We had some minor hiccups which she was able to rectify the issues quickly. I have recommended them to two of my friends! by, Qanvast.

Posted on Jan 2017

I would recommend this company to others. The ID is responsible, listened to our concern& concept, follow up and help to solve all the issues during the project. The carpenters are also good, experienced, convert all the design into reality.

Deborah Chew
Posted on Jan 2017

Our designer,is the best! He was cheerful, humorous and a problem solver! Many times we heard friends complained about their contractors or designers! But thank God for designer that we worked together very well to make our dream home come true. Practical, flexible, beautiful, cozy and spacious home!!!!Even before we appointed him (before paying downpayment) as our designated designer, he was already showing enthusiasm and generous in offering lots of great ideas (by his detailed sketches). His positive approach towards his customer attracted us to assign him as our designer.

Last but not least, he also helped to work within our budget and offered us the best options according to our budget! It was an awesome experience working together with him!!!

Balamurugan Subramaniam
Posted on Jan 2017

I would like to render our sincere thanks to the designer from Starry Homestead for making things possible in the shortest time we could spare for the reno to be completed.It all began when we signed with another leading reno contractor and found out they couldnt deliver what they promised in time and so we had to let them forfeit our deposit and started hunting for someone who could realize our situation and help us reno our new place with no compromise.

We were referred to Starry Homestead and as we explained over the phone.They immediately said it can be done and told us to ask for the designer once we arrive at their showroom. So when we arrived it was almost 8pm and designer assisted us by getting all the details and immediately without hesitating said can no problem.

Everything we threw at him he was able to give quotation immediately and i was beginning to get skeptical. In the end i was proven without doubt he was capable of handling our reno after the completion. The point to note is he was an established ID but he never contradicted our ideas but advised accordingly and a good ID is not someone who comes up with a briliant idea and executing it but rather making the idea from the client come alive.

He was able to perfectly reno our place as how we visualized it. That I would call talent.He was a phone call away when we had doubts and handled them immediately without delay.He was also much more observant than us at spotting things which needed correction. Now we understand why he was their immediate option when we explained our lack of time and complication with our reno. We do not know if anyone else could have pulled this off but he proved he could and so I would recommend Starry Homestead and him for anyone looking to realize their dream home.

Tan Min Leng
Posted on Dec 2016

We collected our keys in June and were scouting for an ID when my hubby read about Starry Homestead on the FB. We read many good reviews about them so we decided to get a quotation for comparison. We were attended by the designer who was able to understand the design we wanted and gave us a reasonable quotation. The quotation turned out to be the lowest amongst all the IDs which we had shortlisted.

He is creative and was able to conceptualise our ideas and put them into his 3D drawings. He was very efficient and delivered the drawings within a week. To our surprise, the drawings matched our ideas so perfectly that it did not require much changes. We were then introduced to our design consultant and site supervisor, Jason Lim, within the same week. Jason is a very experienced and meticulous supervisor. He sat down with us to discuss every detail ranging from the selection of colours, materials, dimensions as well as home accessories. He would carefully document these details into the drawings and explained them patiently.

From Day 1 of the renovation, Jason would go down to our flat and supervise the site work. He would then provide us with regular updates on the work progress. He would also take pictures and send us voice recordings of his explanations on a weekly basis. Along the way, he was able to give us practical suggestions (materials used for cabinets, colours for the rooms etc) based on our needs.

After the carpentry work was done, Jason took the initiative to help us do a final check and spotted several areas which needed refinement. Even after the handover, he arranged for the electrician to come down for a final check to ensure all the electrical points are working well.

We must really commend on Jason for his patience, his eyes for details and professional work ethics. Overall, it was a good experience with Starry Homestead and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Jason for making this entire home building experience an enjoyable one.

Carolyn Chia
Posted on Dec 2016

I would like to thank my ID Billy Chan from Starry Homestead for making my dream home a reality. I met several IDs but Billy was the only one who took my simple doodle of the ideal home seriously. Even though he was the expert in his field, he was prepared to customize his design to fit most of my requirements. He was also conscientious in following up with me from the initial design to the actual renovation and even now in the post renovation phase.

Along the way, he provided practical suggestions which helped me to make the right choices in furnishing my place in the most cost effective way possible. I must say i really enjoyed this renovation project and it was a blessing to have Billy as my ID. I am very impressed with his professionalism and his enthusiasm. Great job Billy. Keep up the good work and keep in touch!

Jill Lee
Posted on Dec 2016

We made a few visit to other contractors/IDs but none could commit the tight schedule/deadline that we wanted. A big thank you to our ID Jason for the good job done! After telling him the design concepts that we had in mind, Jason came out with the 3D drawings we wanted. Most importantly, their pricing is fair and all the effort he has put in for our project.

We also appreciate he itemised the cost of renovation. When the renovation work commenced, it was done systematically per planned. From time to time, he also provided snap shots of the work done when we requested them. Although there were a few changes along the way, Jason will call us and assure us that it will be resolved. It was indeed straightforward and hassle-free.

Renovation completed within our expected deadline (around one month). Even though there were some minor issues after the handover, they responded and attended to it very promptly.

Thank you again Jason! Would recommend him and starry homestead to my friends too!

Alesia How
Posted on Nov 2016

Sometime in June 2016, I went to AZ Building to look for furniture for my new condo and walked into Starry Homestead showroom thinking that it was a furniture shop. Instead I was told that Starry Homestead is an interior design company.

As I was also looking for an ID for my new condo, I then make enquiry and was directed to the ID consultant. During this first meeting I was impressed by his professionalism. He was able to answer to all my enquiries. He could also give me the basic quotation instantly and patiently explained them in details. He had also shown keen interest in designing my home and had requested to view my new condo on that same day. Very impressive of him, possessing enthusiasm.

He followed up with me 3 days later. He had assured me that he will give me 3 commitments that he is confident of doing this project for me:-
1. Make my new home a nice and comfortable one.
2. Low and reasonable costs to meet my budget.
3. Give me full satisfaction on completion of the project
After site viewing and several meetings, he produced his 1st design and I was amazed with it. Immediately we worked on this 1st and only design without much amendments. Not long after the project started off in mid August 2016.

I like the simplicity of the design, as I have always wanted. The color tone and its combination of color shade are perfect. The TV console and feature wall looks great with grey shading that gives brightness to the whole house. Thanks very much for his creativity and understanding of my requirement and expectation.

The color and design of the wall paper for the bedrooms are perfectly matched. Thanks again for his recommendation and professional advice. The design of the bedrooms look cool and the colors give warmth. They are also fantastic, matching them with all other furniture. I must give credit to him for being a good color specialist.Along the way while working with him, I came to know that he is very hardworking, reliable and trustworthy and sincere in whatever he does. He is responsive to all my issues and concern and he dealt with them promptly and sincerely. He always put me at ease. Throughout the whole project he single handled all the co-ordination with his contractors and vendors without me having to worry or supervise them.

He is also friendly and an easy going person. He is very frank in his opinion and gives a lot of advice that helps me in my selection for furniture, electrical fittings, curtains, etc. At times, I do not agree with his recommendation. But after his explanation and giving me his frank opinion, my final decision is still follow his advice. It’s always turn out that most of his advice is a better one. It is with great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with him. My initial impression of him was that as a young chap, he may not has enough experience in handling my project. But I was proved wrong and I erred in my judgment of him. He is in fact a very knowledgeable and an experience ID. He has great ideas, creative mind and an enthusiastic person.

He had fulfilled his 3 commitments to me. “Kudos to him.” I sincerely appreciate very much his hard work, tedious efforts and particularly his SINCERE commitments.

My Sincere Thanks to you for making my new condo a Nice and Comfortable Home to live in. I will definitely consider to recommend him as an ID Consultant to my relatives, friends or associates if the opportunity arises.

Best Regards.
Alesia How
30 November 2016

Eunice Chan
Posted on Nov 2016

We would like to extend our appreciation to our ID for his help with conceptualizing our condo taking into consideration our style and preference. Throughout the renovation process, he is very prompt and has offered useful and practical alternative views based on his experience. He is always contactable even though it may mean calling us back when he’s overseas whenever we have a question! He has also offered to help us with some mounting after handover as we couldn’t get the items mounted due to some internal issue.

Jaspal Riar
Posted on Nov 2016

We would like to thank the designer from starry homestead for helping us all the way from the beginning till now. He have given us guidance on what needs to be done for the house renovations. He will also meet us late at night just to meet with the designer. He is not only kind and hardworking but he is also very patient with us. Basically all the qualities needed to be a interior designer are in him. Trust me that you will truly have an awesome experience with him. It is truly a blessing to have him there as without him guiding things might go wrong with the house renovations.

Posted on Nov 2016

I used Qanvast to get some recommendations as I was quite clueless about how to search for IDs initially. Three IDs came back to me but Billy from Starry Homestead was the most proactive and understood fully what I wanted. I had a special request of building my stove on an island but most of the IDs were not comfortable with my requirement except Billy. I am very happy of how my island kitchen turned out! Also, he is quick to rectify my issues and I had no major problems. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. by, Qanvast.

Jasbir Singh
Posted on Nov 2016

We wanted something light and airy and happy. Light was really important to both of us, because dark places are just depressing. So we wanted light from all directions, and that also was a key in how we designed the house because we ended up breaking a few walls in the process. We also wanted to complement the outside view of the skyline and the sea by putting a lot of blues and white in the house. Emily was able to bring all these into her design concept. As for renovation process, we felt it was really impressive. Firstly, it took only about eight or nine weeks, and given the amount of work that went into it, including breaking down quite a number of walls – one, two, three, four walls actually, a lot of tiling work and a lot of built-in furnishings, it was really quick for that timeline, for that amount of work. I think Emily made the process quite seamless for us, as much as she could. There were lots of times that we could not be here on-site to inspect things that were going on, because of work or we were travelling. But Emily kept us updated through videos and photos and always kept us on board and discussed things with us. And if anything that was done but still not to our taste, Emily would make sure that it was changed. We would definitely recommend Emily and Starry Homestead. And the best part is, we’ve already done that, to quite a few of our friends actually.

Anna Yauw
Posted on Nov 2016

We are happy to have engaged Starry Homestead to renovate our kitchen cabinet. They provide good carpentry and excellent workmanship. We would also like to extend our thanks to our ID Jason who is responsible and provide excellent customer services. He give detailed and good recommendations which fulfill our requirements. We would not hesitate to recommend Starry Homestead and would definitely use their services again in the future.

Joyce Ng
Posted on Nov 2016

When we went to Starry Homestead (Balestier) 2 weeks ago, we were taken care by the ID. He was immediately able to give us tips and ideas on how to renovate our new home. Although we were already sourcing with other interior designers, his professionalism and expert advice gave us confidence to sign up with Starry Homestead without hesitation. We look forward to our new abode soon 🙂

Posted on  Oct 2016

We got some recommendations from Qanvast and met 2 IDs. The rest of them were not very responsive. We would say that Starry Homestead provided us very good service. As this is our first time renovating, we are quite satisfied with our renovation! Our ID provided with a detailed schedule on the works and timely updates. After the renovation, there was some defects, our ID, Jason, quickly came back and fixed it. We would say that they have good after-sales. by, Qanvast.

Jenny Luo Ying
Posted on Oct 2016

Imagine paying the ID but you have to do his job?

Thank goodness we had Jason Lim assigned to us so we did not actually have to experience that nightmare.
Since this is the first time we have ever engaged with an interior designer, we were quite worried about how things would turn out. However, Jason was a helpful guiding force who reassures us with his actions, experience and kindness.

This is to our interior designer Jason Lim who we want to thank for his hard work and expertise. Jason is very responsible and kept us updated frequently as he would always plan in advance and monitor the progress closely such that we do not always have to be at our flat. This saved us a lot of time and was a relief for us. He answers his calls and messages promptly and never kept us waiting which is very appreciated and reassuring.

He often impresses us with his professionalism as he takes a lot of time and effort, even meeting us on weekends, to ensure that we were satisfied with every single detail. As an experienced designer, he provided valuable input when we were unsure or in doubt and is constantly patient with our every request. Without him, things would not have been so incredibly smooth sailing and we can only attribute this success to him.

Thank you Jason and we hope that things are going great for you!

Sham Dot
Posted on Sept 2016

We would like to extend our appreciation to your interior design, Emily, whom we engaged for our resale flat in Punggol. Thanks for the professionalism and efficiency that she has shown throughout the project. She shared with us some concept and design which could incorporate into our ideas and improved the overall picture. We were quite impressed with her creativity hence we decided to give her an opportunity to work on our ideas.

She is patient, helpful and attentive to our needs and feedback. She has also been able to make time to meet us, either at night or weekends to discuss on the designs as that is the only available time that we are free. The important part is that we clicked and got along very well. Thanks again!

Toh Wei Kiew
Posted on Sept 2016

A big thank you to Rayson & his teams. He has provided a meticulous and excellent work attitude. He will ensure that all renovation work are completed as planned and issues brought up are solved. The workmanship was fantastic.
We truly thankful for his services rendered to us. Well done and Thank you again!

Thumb up!

Andre Guan Qiang
Posted on August 2016

A big thank you to our ID billy for the good job done! After hours of ironing out the design concepts we had in mind, billy and his team came out with the 3d drawings we wanted. Renovation took roughly two months and completed within our expected deadline. Wife and i are extremely happy with the end product, and it exceeded our expectations. All in all, billy handled the whole process – from designing, actual renovation, final touch up – splendidly, and is honest and practical when it comes to giving us feedbacks on our ideas/suggestions (which we are thankful for).

Thank you again billy! Would recommend him and starry homestead to my friends too!

Joseph Kang
Posted on August 2016

We like to thanks Jason our ID for his excellent and professional renovation service for our house in Punggol – BTO Waterway Sundew 5 room. Compare to other ID companies, we find Jason / Starry Homestead Pte Ltd understands and knew our requirement and was able to work within our budget. He responded promptly to our call or Whatsapp and answers our concern. During our meeting, he was very patient in addressing various issue and offered practical solution.

The renovation work was smooth and from time to time he updated us promptly of the work schedule and progress. He provided snap shots of the renovation work done. There were a few hiccups during the renovation and Jason promptly informed us and offered alternative solution to resolve the issue. The renovation work was completed in 1 month which is within our expected deadline. Jason is a responsible ID and we are happy to engage him for the renovation work and will surely recommend him to our friends.

Thank you Starry Homestead for assigning Jason to us.

Shasha Aisha
Posted on July 2016

Very impressed with Starry Homestead ID. Extremely knowledgeable with color combinations. He helped us to choose the colors for the cabinets. He understands our requirements & works accordingly. Relaxed ambiance. The service staff is very welcoming. Will definitely recommend him to friends for any renovation works.

Double thumbs up for Starry Homestead and ID.

Yh Raymond
Posted on July 2016

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Emily (our ID/project manager) for her excellent service and professionalism. She took overall in charge for my house (Waterway Cascadia at Punggol Way BTO 4rm) renovation. I can describe her work ethics as above excellent and her services rendered to me and my wife during the renovation was outstanding.

Before we engage Ms Emily/Starry Homestead, we actually made a few visits to other contractors/IDs for their services. However, none could compared to her as we immediately “cliqued”, probably because she understands and knew what we wanted. During our meet ups, she made herself available most of the time and without fail will respond to our call/whatsapp.

When the renovation work commenced, our house was done in a systematically manner according to what Ms Emily had planned for us. From time to time, she also provided snap shots of the work done when we requested them. Although there were a few hiccups along the way, Ms Emily was upfront and communicated with us the issue faced and assured us that it will be resolved. It was indeed straightforward and hassle-free.

Throughout the renovation process, Ms Emily ensured that our home is in good hands and thus building TRUST which I believe is what every home owners are looking for in the renovation context. Ms Emily is a responsible ID/project manager and an asset to, not only Starry Homestead but to any company, as she displayed professionalism, industrious and trustworthy traits which are very rare.

I thank Starry Homestead for assigning Ms Emily to us and we are satisfied with the work done to our home. I will be more than happy to recommend Starry Homestead to my friends and have Ms Emily as their ID/project manager.

Rae Ng
Posted on June 2016

After years of waiting, we finally received our flat from HDB and we engaged the service of ID from Starry Homestead.As we have heard horrible stories of problematic ID, we were very careful to have our long list of requirements listed in detail.

To our surprise, she is understood our concerns very well, and was kind and very patient with our questions. Despite our random suggestions to many design ideas, she took the time to look into it, explain and contribute constructive suggestions to put the ideas together.

When we started to have a better vision of how our renovation will become, we started to have crazy ideas to upgrade our 25ft Caesarstone kitchen top to the most expensive of the range, and upgrade our toilet’s vanity top.

Fortunately, she was not the kind of ID who go all out to sell only the most expensive material. Instead of upgrading the already beautiful kitchen top, she suggested that we take the additional budget to upgrade some of our drawer systems, and keep the money for quality furnitures later.

Our renovation experience was made pleasant with the help of her, and I will certainly recommend her service. Most importantly, her pricing is fair for the quality of work and all the effort she has put in for our project.

Thank you Starry Homestead!

Corlissa Wong
Posted on June 2016

We chanced upon Starry Homestead being near the vicinity, and were curious to hear what they had to offer after hearing good reviews. The main person to lias with and for us, was patient to listen to our needs and priorities. Upon realizing what we wanted, he recommended a package that Starry was offering, which aptly covered most most of what we were looking for! We are glad and satisfied with his recommendations, and have confidence in his expertise and contacts. In spite of minor hiccups, everything was accounted for and we are very happy with how our new home turned out.

Thanks heaps! And thank you Starry for the efforts of everyone involved. Two thumbs up!

Posted on May 2016

Starry Homestead was recommended to me by a friend. The ID, Rayson, had interesting ideas and hence I decided to engage him for my office renovation. Overall the renovation process was quite good and I have to say Rayson is very responsive. As for the designs, it was a 2-way partnership. I told Rayson what I had in mind and he suggested designs accordingly. Follow up has been very good so far and I have not required much touch-ups. I have yet to recommend Starry Homestead or Rayson to my friends but I will definitely do so.

Posted on May 2016

We worked with Billy from Starry Homestead and he is very patient with us. I asked him a lot of questions about the renovation and he was able to give me good advice. Even before the contract was signed, we spent at least ten to eleven hours with me asking him things about the design of the home. Billy was also able to work well with the regulations on renovations in HDB homes and find solutions to work around and give us the look we wanted, having able to strike a balance between incorporating the ideas that we want and being flexible enough to propose certain ideas. I feel that Billy is in the top 1% of those who have provided me a service of any type. As an interior designer, I believe that he is among the top echelon of interior designers. He was very responsive and efficient in carrying out his tasks. He was always there for us and if any problems cropped up, he would get his workers to rectify it. His ideas were also very good and his carpentry was of a high quality. Our entire renovation went quite smoothly thanks to him. In fact, I’ve already recommended him to a few of my friends. There was also this incident where one of our post-renovation cleaners asked for the contact number of our interior designer as she felt that the workmanship in our home is very good. To hear that from someone whom we don’t know personally and who’s just taken a look around our home testifies to the quality of his work. by, Qanvast.

Posted on May 2016

It has been a good experience working with Starry Homestead. Their finishing is good and the quality of materials used has also been excellent. I really like their design too. Everything was smooth during the course of, Qanvast.

Posted on May 2016

I went with Starry Homestead because their designs were very nice. During our initial discussions with them, we gave them a rough idea of what we wanted, and they gave us a lot of wonderful suggestions. I really love the kitchen cabinets that they did up for us. It was unique and stylish and very modern. The after sales service was excellent. After moving in for a month or so, we had a few faulty lights, and the water heater malfunctioned. We gave them a call on Saturday, and by Monday, them had sent their workers down to take a look. I have recommended them to my friends and I would definitely encourage others to engage his services!

Madam Tien
Posted on May 2016

After comparing 3 contractors, I picked Starry Homestead as their attitude and communication was the most acceptable to me. They were not pushy and managed to fit my requirements and timeline. Furthermore, they are recommended by a friend. They did the walls, doors, flooring and cabinets for the entire home. I will recommend to my friends if they are interested.

Valerie Yip
Posted on April 2016

Reinstate a resales unit to original condition not just about designing but requires one skill to handle quite a number challenging tasks. An experienced ID is highly desirable to plan the revamp work and monitor the progress closely on behalf of house owner.

I would like to thank Billy Chan, my ID from Starry Homestead. Billy is someone who can take up this job just right. He is a patient and practical guy. Not only he will respect client’s decision but importantly will correct me if he thinks my idea isn’t down to earth enough. His response is prompt too, always get back to me within a short period of time whenever I have some inquiries or doubt. Once again, thank you and good job! ^^

Posted on March 2016

I found Starry Homestead through internet search and have also read their reviews. They were experienced and know what they were doing. The overall experience is satisfactory, where the workmanship, design and carpentry has been quite good. It will be even better if the time management at the initial planning is, Qanvast.

Daryl Yap
Posted on March 2016

My partner and I first discovered Starry Homestead’s work through Qanvast, and approached the company directly for an appointment. After spending countless hours discussing concepts and quotations with 6 shortlisted interior design firms, we eventually settled on Starry Homestead. This was largely due to the commendable attitude of my interior designer, Billy Chan. We had a hunch that he was the right person to work with, and it turned out to be one of the best choices we had ever made.

I have very exacting requirements and really appreciate it when those who service me seek to truly understand what I am looking for, and then work hard to match these expectations. From the start, Billy proved he was every bit up to the challenge – answering my numerous questions with extreme patience. I had several peculiar design requests concerning various aspects of my house, and he always managed to propose a creative (yet practical and financially sensible) solution to each one. Whenever something needed rectification along the way, he would do his utmost to get it solved. In servicing, it is not uncommon to see project managers’ attitudes get worse over time as the project evolves. But Billy’s only gets better. He has performed a remarkable job as an interior design consultant.
To have someone who really cares about what you want – on the basis that this is what you desire for your house as the owner – that is a rare mix of humility, empathy, and dedication towards a client.

Because of the hard effort he has put in, I can say without doubt that Starry Homestead provides extreme value for money in its design and renovation services. Reliable, responsive, hardworking, creative, possessing an eye for aesthetics, customer-centric – these are all terms I would use to describe Billy and the various teams he brought in (from the carpenters, to the electricians, to the tilers, and so on). To be able to tap on his expertise and then attain peace of mind that someone I trust is in charge – these are benefits that are worth every penny. It is abundantly clear to me that there are levels of goodwill attainable from working with an interior designer that I am unlikely to get as easily if I had worked directly with a contractor. Through this unique selling point alone, these design and project management professionals really do prove their worth in gold.

I must have easily spent some 48 to 72 man hours in total alone (spread out across the past 2-3 months) working directly with Billy face to face or on the phone, even on weekends or after his office hours – and he has spent countless more managing the renovation project without me being present. Personally, I consider him to be in the top 1% of those who have ever provided me a service. Literally one in a hundred.

Jolene Zhou
Posted on Feb 2016

We had a very good experience with Starry Homestead.

I engaged one of the designer to do our home reno last year. This year there’s some problem with my toilet bowl, I tried to call the sales as he left the company, he said he dun want to settle the problem for us.

After I called to Starry directly, his boss Vincent come down personally to settle the problem for us.

Thumbs up Starry!

Siew Gek
Posted on Feb 2016

I engaged Starry Homestead as they were very sincere, responsive and their price is very reasonable. Throughout the whole renovation, they were able to give us good suggestions, ideas for our home. I have some issues on the carpentry works due to the contractors but they were able to rectify it very promptly. Overall, I am okay and happy with the, Qanvast.

Posted on Feb 2016

I had the pleasure of working with them. they did my 4 room hdb flat in 4 weeks flat. the consultant – billy – was very patient and very friendly and accommodating. their painters and the bathroom guys were the best.. they did everything to my satisfaction and at a very reasonable price. billy was patient with me as he had to deal with my daughters and husband being overseas while confirming the kitchen designs. the of times they had to change the design was painful till even i was on the verge of giving up. but billy hung on and pulled me along till we could come up with a color combination that satisfied the kids and the hubby. kudos to the team and would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of renovating their homes. they are the best. they will be doing my bro’s place next and my hubby’s office too. smile emoticon well done starry homestead and keep up the good work.

Jeannie Chua
Posted on Feb 2016

My resale flat was done by Starry Homestead ID. They are very patience and very professional. I change the drawings a few time but he never shown any sign of impatience. I have given them a tight timeline as I was hoping to move in before CNY. They did it and I’m super pleased with the final renovation work. I have some very minor issues and they response and attend to it very promptly. I would highly recommend the 2 of them to my friends and family who asked for contact.

Thank you very much. 🙂

Peiting Liang
Posted on Jan 2016

We would like to recommend our Interior Designer, Emily Voon from Starry Homestead. From the first day, she has been an immaculate professional with her attentiveness to the finest detail and thoughtfulness made our home renovation journey with her thoroughly enjoyable.

Josephine Loke
Posted on Jan 2016

Big thank you to Starry Homestead for our recent home renovations. Met them at their open house at AZ building. Find that they are easily approachable and understand our needs as we only doing minimal renovation since our hse already came with existing kitchen cabinets. Renovations met with several hiccups but he was fast to respond. Overall satisfied with their service. Hope they continue to give us good support for after sales service. Happy new year!

Jian Hong
Posted on 2016

Co-incidentally, one of my friends also used them and gave them a good review. Im also in construction line so I understand renovation quite well and I must say Rayson really did an excellent job! Most importantly, they could meet our tight timeline as we got the keys at the end of the year which was the busiest period for renovation. Rayson managed everything and delivered our home on time! When we got our place, it has an interesting layout, which was a long living area and we were quite clueless on how to maximise the space. Rayson did an excellent space planning, and his creativity brought out our place to its full potential. He even encourage us to get a tiffany blue sofa, which was the highlight of our place. Our friends love our place too! They like the design and couldn’t believe that it was the same place after we showed them the ‘before’ renovation look. I would definitely recommend Rayson to my friends and family, my uncle’s renovation was done by him too. by, Qanvast.

Jing Yi
Posted on 2016

My designer was very professional in what she is doing. Amanda, our ID, was always taking the initiative and she is a very detailed person. For example, there were always issues with my LED lights, and she was actually able to solve it for me. In addition, she was always prompt in replies, there were numerous occasions when I contacted her pretty late in the night, she would reply me really quickly. I honestly appreciate her efforts. Also, my ideas were always changing and she would try her best to match the ideas with me. I am very satisfied with the product overall! I would also definitely recommend her to my friends. by, Qanvast.

Ms Lim
Posted on Oct 2015

I got to know Starry Homestead through Qanvast website. Cost of the renovation was the main consideration in deciding on Starry Homestead. Starry Homestead has been very prompt in their response. Even to date, recently, when I had leaking issues with my piping, they were able to immediately get it rectified within same day. I find them to be very reliable, accommodating and easy to reach. Personally I have already recommended to several of my friends who needed renovation. All in all, I did not experience any major hiccups, and I had a very smooth renovation process. by, Qanvast.

Madam Tien
Posted on 2015

After comparing 3 contractors, I picked them as their attitude and communication was the most acceptable to me. They were not pushy and managed to fit my requirements and timeline. Furthermore, it was recommended by a friend. He did the walls, doors, flooring and cabinets for the entire home. I will recommend to my friends if they are interested. by, Qanvast.

Pei Shan
Posted on 2015

I chose Starry Homestead after going through a round of comparison with 5 other IDs. I trusted them because they gave me alot of advices on cost-saving design where no other ID has done so, they are very sincere and have the most competitive quotes. Overall, I really like the work done for my kitchen and toilets! There were some small issues after the renovation but they will always get their workers to check on it almost immediate after I feedback. I have been recommending my friends to them for renovation, it definitely reflect alot about the work and services provided for me! by, Qanvast.

Posted on 2015

I got to know Starry Homestead through a friend’s recommendation. I seen their works before deciding to go with them. I love the interior designs of my place and very satisfied with the work. There were some minor defects but they were quick to rectify them. I will definitely recommend their service to my friends. by, Qanvast.


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