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Achieve your ideal interior dreams

We strive to become Singapore’s most trusted interior design firm and to reimagine more stunning and blissful interiors for homes, offices, and retail spaces. We aim to leverage our rich design and creative expertise to always create inspired spaces and decor that far exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Starry Homestead, we consider CARE our keyword, that inspires our work in every way. Our mission is to always bring care to 5 key facets:


Our clients and their needs are our foremost priority. We care for them at every step of the way in the interior design process and beyond. We aim to always go the extra mile to consider their requirements and expectations, and to always exceed them. Beyond delivering stunning designs and ideas, we also cater to their needs with a smooth workflow, complete transparency and an effortless handover.


We take the utmost care to select the right partners to work with. We believe in finding partners who are like-minded and who share our passion for creating luxurious, refined interiors. We also care for our partners and develop a close working relationship with them, to ensure that our work processes are always in harmony and always tuned to perfection.


We care for the environment and for the well-being of Singaporean society. We aim to be Singapore’s most socially responsible and sustainable interior design firm. We are conscious to care for the environment and our surroundings in every process of the renovation workflow. We strive to do this by recommending and sourcing more sustainable materials, and by using renovation methods that minimise wastage, as well as aiming to reduce air and noise pollution.


We care for the welfare and happiness of our staff, to ensure that they enjoy a healthy and rewarding work atmosphere and are always growing their expertise. We believe that care invested in our employees results in care passed on to our clients. We work to ensure our staff is always at their best, so they are always able to express their creativity and to enjoy their craft in creating refined interiors for our clients.


We encourage our staff to always share an attitude of care and trust with their colleagues. We believe that this fosters a co-operative spirit that helps combine and multiply their strengths and skillsets. This helps to develop a healthy, trusting and enjoyable working environment where our staff encourages each other to always reach for excellence.

We aspire to use our expertise to create more spaces that shine with beauty and joy. To realise blissful and stunning interiors and environments in homes, offices and retail spaces that win awards, but more importantly our clients’ hearts.