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Landed House Interior Design Company in Singapore

Landed house interior design is key to elevating your property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. At Starry Homestead, our speciality is crafting designs that enhance living spaces and add value to your property, similar to our expertise in BTO interior design, resale HDB renovation, and condo interior design. By regularly refreshing the décor and style of your home, addressing maintenance needs, and applying our skills in areas like kitchen renovation, we ensure your abode stands out. From contemporary layouts to classic elegance, our unique and tailored designs make your landed house a standout in brochures and ads, maximising its income-generating potential.



Modern, Scandinavian, Victorian, Oriental
245 Belgravia Drive, Belgravia Green 04 1 interior design
Modern, Minimalist
101 Lor 1 Realty Pak 01 1 interior design
Scandinavian, Luxury
SRS_3722 interior design
Modern, Scandinavian
(1st) 2022-06-23_SH 51 Hillview Cresc-11-FULL interior design
Modern, Luxury
(1st) 321A Bedok Road Singapore 469489 3 interior design

Customised Design for Every Landed House Type

Terraced Houses: Optimising Space & Aesthetics

When it comes to terraced houses, the key lies in maximising efficient use of space. Our approach to interior design in these compact landed homes focuses on thoughtful layout planning and multi-functional elements. By creatively using every inch, we enhance both the aesthetics and usability of your terraced house, ensuring that even the smallest spaces feel open, inviting, and stylish.

Semi-Detached Homes: Blending Style & Functionality

Semi-detached homes present unique opportunities for interior design, where style seamlessly blends with functionality. Our expertise shines as we integrate elegant design elements with practical living solutions, striking a harmonious balance between private and communal spaces in these homes and maintaining a cohesive look that perfectly embodies the essence of landed house design.

Bungalows: Luxurious Interior Design Solutions

Designing for bungalows is about creating spaces that exude luxury and opulence. In these spacious landed properties, our layouts elevate the living experience to new heights. We craft bespoke, luxurious interiors that reflect the grandeur of bungalows, prioritising high-end materials and sophisticated design elements. This ensures each home is a unique masterpiece of comfort and style.

FAQs About Landed House Interior Design

What distinguishes interior design for landed houses from other residential properties?

Interior design for landed houses uniquely addresses each property’s spacious layouts and individual character. Unlike apartments or condos, landed houses offer more freedom for extensive customisations and structural alterations. This allows for a broader range of design possibilities, from implementing sophisticated architectural details to creating expansive, multifunctional areas, fully harnessing the potential of larger spaces.

How does your team approach interior design for different types of landed houses?

Our team approaches each type of landed house in Singapore — such as terraced, semi-detached, and bungalows — with a tailored strategy. For terraced houses, we focus on space optimisation and aesthetics. In semi-detached homes, our design balances style and functionality, while for bungalows, we aim for luxurious, opulent interiors. This bespoke approach ensures that the design aligns with each house type’s unique attributes and potential.

What key factors should be considered when planning interior design for a landed house?

When planning interior design for a landed house, key considerations include:

  • The property’s existing architectural style.
  • The homeowner’s lifestyle.
  • The functional requirements of each space.

It’s also important to consider natural light, the flow between rooms, and the integration of outdoor and indoor spaces. These factors help create a cohesive, personalised design that enhances the home’s beauty and practicality.

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