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HDB Interior Design & Renovation in Singapore

Start Your House & HDB Renovation in Singapore with Our Professional Interior Designers

At Starry Homestead, we excel in home interior design in Singapore, with a broad range of expertise that includes transforming HDB units into a stunning, functional home with space-saving solutions that optimise every inch. Whether it’s a modest renovation or a complete overhaul, our team is equipped with the experience to revitalise your HDB into the perfect living space for you and your family. Trust in our commitment to deliver top-quality services across all aspects of interior design that exceed your expectations.

Designing Your Dream Home

Starry Homestead thrives on transforming HDB flats into captivating spaces. As seasoned home interior designers, we specialise in turning standard layouts into vibrant, space-efficient houses. Our skills extend from cosy 2- and 4-room flats to expansive executive apartments, covering both resale properties and new Build-To-Orders (BTO). Choose us for top-notch HDB interior design and renovation services that promise to elevate your living experience.

Our Design Process

Transform your HDB flat into a beautiful, functional living space with Starry Homestead. Our approach, from the initial consultation to the final execution, is tailored to match your vision and lifestyle. Understanding that home renovations can be daunting, we’re here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Contact us to learn how we can help you create the home of your dreams.

Tailored HDB Renovation in Singapore

Adherence to HDB Regulations and Guidelines

Understanding and adhering to the regulations and guidelines set by the Housing and Development Board (HDB) is crucial in our work. Our team is thoroughly acquainted with HDB’s standards, ensuring full compliance throughout the design and renovation process. We continuously update our knowledge of the regulations, ensuring our projects not only meet but also surpass the required safety and quality benchmarks — a commitment that secures both the legality of our renovations and our clients’ long-term safety and satisfaction.

Efficient Layouts for HDB Living Spaces

Maximising the functionality and usability of HDB living spaces is a key aspect of our expertise. We tackle the challenges of compact living by implementing innovative strategies to optimise every square foot. Our design team focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional layouts, ensuring efficient use of space in every home. Through smart design and creative solutions, we turn the interior of HDB flats into spacious, comfortable living environments.

Cost-Efficient HDB Renovation Packages

We are dedicated to ensuring transparency and cost efficiency in every proposal we provide. Clear communication is at the forefront of our services, guaranteeing that every client receives a detailed breakdown of costs for complete understanding. This approach builds trust with our clients, allowing them to make informed decisions and align their home renovation goals with their budgets.

FAQs About HDB Renovations

What are the specific considerations for HDB renovations?

In HDB renovations, we prioritise compliance with HDB’s regulations, focusing on safety and space optimisation. Our designs address the unique challenges of HDB living, such as maximising limited space, while ensuring each renovation meets legal and aesthetic standards.

How do you ensure cost-effective HDB renovations without compromising quality?

We balance cost-effectiveness with quality by providing clear cost breakdowns, sourcing quality materials at competitive prices, and employing efficient project management. This approach ensures high standards are met within budget, delivering value without compromising excellence.

Can you customise HDB renovation designs to suit my preferences?

Yes, customisation is paramount in our process. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor renovations to their style and needs. From colour schemes to materials and layout, every element is chosen to reflect your personal preferences, ensuring a unique and personalised outcome for your home.

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