To ensure the best interior design experience for our clients, we spend time listening and learning about their needs. This allows us to provide interior design services tailored specifically towards meeting those requirements while also ensuring that it’s in line with any personal interior design preferences or style they might want present throughout the home/office space.

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With years of experience in the industry, we are familiar with all aspects of renovation requirements and interior design in Singapore. From HDB flats, condominiums landed properties, food and beverage outlets, retail outlets to offices and other commercial spaces, we bring fresh ideas, the latest interior design trends and innovations, superior service and artistry to the best interior design project you deserve.

From inception to completion, our interior design services span from design consulting, spatial and layout planning, renovation and construction, customised furniture design and building to purchasing of furniture, lighting and accessories from international online stores. Aside from following a guaranteed flow of work to ensure timely delivery of the project, you can also count on us for the quality of the materials we are using.

Our residential and commercial interior design services include:

  • Design consultancy where you can ask our expert designers for design recommendations that will suit your spaces.
  • Spatial planning to ensure that the design we have in mind will provide enough space for people to move around.
  • 3D drawing so you can easily picture out the desired outcome.
  • Interior and exterior renovation to give your property a complete transformation.
  • Office furniture, lighting, fixture and accessory selection from trusted international brands.

Wallpaper, curtain and soft furnishing selection, production and installation

Every project is assigned a project manager to ensure that the project is completed on schedule, on budget, with every detail taken care of.

Interior Design in Singapore

Everything for your home and office interior is covered by our interior design services, from planning to creating beautiful, functional spaces. Interior design combines art and science, making it a complex industry to be in, complex but exciting, to be precise.

Overall, Interior design is more than just beautifying your home. We want our clients’ spaces to be a sanctuary, an interior design oasis that they can call their own and which will inspire them every day as well! Our work focuses on creating environments where people feel at ease whether it’s during leisure time or working hard for profit – both options deserve great attention from us because after all this means everything in life.

While it may appear easy, coming up with your home or office interior design involves substantial research and planning. Interior designers assess your property’s floor plan to identify the best materials, furniture, lights, and decorations for the space that best suits your lifestyle. Providing the best interior design is what we have always aimed for here in Starry Homestead, beyond what you have imaged. Our interior design services will combine beauty, excellent spatial design and tailored solutions to bring you the best interior design you can ever wish for.

When is an Interior Designer Necessary?

There are far too many myths and misconceptions about interior design services in Singapore that many people refuse to hire an interior designer nowadays. “Is it okay to hire a designer if I only want to renovate my kitchen?”, “Will interior designers accept a small residential project?”, “Will it cost me a fortune?”. These questions often cause people to contemplate getting a professional interior design for their homes.

What you need to know about interior design is that it is not exclusive but inclusive. An interior designer is a problem-solver, as such, he/she loves taking on challenges such as small space interiors, kitchen renovations, interior layout difficulties and more. When you find yourself having a hard time making your home more functional, that is the best time to call an interior designer for help.

The Advantage of Hiring an Interior Designer

It may appear trivial to employ interior designer services because, after all, it is your home, and designing it yourself couldn’t be that difficult. Furthermore, hiring an interior designer appears to be expensive. However,  hiring a professional interior designer can save you a lot of time, expense, and frustration in the long run. A designer can help you through the entire process of interior design and bring your visions to life. Here are some of the perks:

  • Expert’s Take on Your Home Interior

An interior designer can also provide advice or suggest a design that will work best for you. If you want a minimalist theme in your interior design, for example, you can seek advice on the most appropriate ornamental items as well as the do’s and don’ts. You can describe your idea, and the interior designer will assist you in making it a reality, taking into account comfort, aesthetics, durability, and budget.

  • Personalised Interior Design

Interior design is more than just aesthetics; it’s also about meeting the needs of the people who live there through constant and open communication. This aids in determining the design that best meets your preferences. There will be no more non-functional rooms or extraneous aesthetic components. A skilled interior designer will assist you in making the most of each room in your home. The more information gathered, the easier it will be to create. The end product will be a home that is uniquely yours.

  • Less Expenses with Sure Results

Have you ever walked into a large house and felt claustrophobic inside? It can be caused by flaws in the spatial organization, furniture selection, or even colour selection. This is precisely why you need interior design services. Mistakes may result in rework, which implies more money spent. An interior designer has the visual-spatial skill and expertise to create beauty without having to worry about errors or rework.

Starry Homestead is here to give you the best interior design you could ever wish for. We are open to listen to your goals, preferences and ideas in order to accomplish the quality you want for your interior spaces.

There are tell-tale signs you may use to find a good interior designer in Singapore. For instance, they must be offering various interior design services which can save you from hiring third parties. They must also be able to provide you with detailed quotations for transparency. Above all, they must have a good reputation in the interior design industry.


An interior designer is a professional who combines arts and science in crafting interior designs for homes and offices in Singapore. These designers offer interior design and renovation services to help property owners in maximising their interior spaces while providing aesthetics and functionality.

More often than not, the cost of an interior design depends on the complexity of the design agreed upon by the client and the interior designer. Some factors that contribute to the cost are the cost of materials, the duration of the project, the scale of the renovation or interior design requirements and other specifications.

Interior design services come in many various forms, ranging from small to large scale service. Here at Starry Homestead, we first meet with the client for introduction and consultation. After that, we will come up with the quotation to be presented to the client. Once agreed upon, we will create the 3D model and present the materials we are planning to use. Then we will conduct a site inspection to check on areas that needed to be fixed based on the approved design. Finally, we will now work on the renovation project for you!

Hiring an interior designer to come up with an interior design for your home or office is a very rewarding decision. Interior designers can improve the functionality, space and ambience of your interior space depending on your requirements.

Our interior design services in Singapore cover not only decorating or redecorating an interior space. Apart from creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior for our clients, we also do renovation works when necessary. Depending on the requirements of the project, we may also offer plumbing, electrical and building works.