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About F&B Interior Design in Singapore

An F&B space must provide an experience, and F&B interior design is an important part of that. Shaping and renovating the space to provide flexible and diversified F&B space could boost commercial value and stimulate customer engagement, resulting in a thriving business. We believe that F&B interior design is now an essential component of any successful business in the foodservice industry.

Nowadays, F&B companies adopt business models that combine many services under one roof. Restaurants are increasingly separating formal and casual dine-in sections. The ability to accommodate differently, yet flawlessly connected, customer services are critical in crafting F&B interior designs.



The function of F&B interior design in Singapore is multifaceted, but it all starts with proper design solutions for the safest possible utilization of the interior space for those who work, or utilize it. An F&B interior design must adhere and comply with all construction, environmental regulations, health and safety, and design requirements fitted for commercial use. Thus, it should include the aesthetics, functionality and other requirements depending on the given project and clients’ needs.

Why Get an F&B Interior Design Consultation?

An interior designer may provide advice on an F&B interior design plan and suggest various modifications, as well as recommending supplies and suppliers through design consultancy. The designer can also create 2D or 3D plans to better visualize the interior design, as well as provide advice in tile layout, electrical system positioning and function or workflow plans. A designer may also serve as a link between the client and contractors,, engineers, architects, and other experts depending on the complexity and scope of the project, making things easier for the client.