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The Scandinavian interior design pays homage to the simplicity of life demonstrated in Nordic countries. Scandinavian furniture design often feels like a work of art, although it is simple and understated. There’s functionality in the furniture along with some interesting lines, many of which have a sculptural influence. Other common characteristics include all-white colour palettes and the incorporation of natural elements like form-pressed wood, bright plastics, and enamelled aluminium, steel and wide plank flooring. 

The rationale behind this muted colour scheme can be rooted in the climate particular to the Scandinavian region. Since the countries there rarely receive enough sunlight, they tend to maximise the little amount of sunlight using a white colour scheme to reflect the lights throughout the room. If there are pops of colour it often comes from the use of art, natural fibre throws or furs, or a single piece of furniture. Spacious, natural lighting, fewer accessories and functional furniture characterize Scandinavian interior design.


Starry Homestead has a wide experience when it comes to providing Scandinavian designs for home, office, and commercial spaces in Singapore. Below is the list of services we offer: 
  • Scandinavian design consultation – Scandinavian design is a principle, how a designer will apply this principle into a given space is the actualization of the design. We offer consultation on whether the Scandinavian design is the most applicable to your property.
  • Renovation – We offer small and big renovation services inspired by Scandinavian design. Although it will be good to have your entire home or workplace have a specific style, we can still offer a partial renovation upon request.
  • Space Analysis – One of the key aspects of this design is the amount of space it produces. Thus, we can give advice on how we can tweak your interior to facilitate more spaces