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Senior Interior Design Consultant
West Showroom

I absolutely love my job as an interior designer, especially the moment when a house turns into a dream home and witnessing the joy on their faces during the handover. I look up to our sales director as my role model, the way she manages the project and the detailing is something I strive to learn from. One of my favorite quotes is “To conquer the hard, one must master the easy; to achieve greatness, one must begin with the triviality.” I love the feeling of building things with my own hands. For instance, my family and I built an extra loft unit in our house during the pandemic period.


Jimmy's Projects




We engaged Jimmy because she has different and unique ideas and proposes different and better workaround if met with any issues/complications, or requirements that we desire. She have provided great and fast assistance, response time and show enthusiasm in her work. Only issue faced and worries we had were the completion date, we met with some delays from the vendors here and there and end up delay the completion date by a little. Which is bearable. Given the tight schedule too. Nevertheless, overall she has committed and provided great ID services to our new home!

Liew Wei He