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Senior Interior Design Consultant
Central Showroom

I am a senior interior designer with a passion for designing. Every project I work on is memorable for me as I put my heart and soul into every aspect of it. I have a signature style of incorporating arc shapes into my designs, which I believe adds an elegant touch. I am inspired by McGee, a renowned interior designer, and designer known for her innovative ideas and unique designs. I love to travel and explore new places, trying out new cuisines and experiencing different cultures. For me, it’s a way to broaden my horizons and gain inspiration for my work.


Roy's Projects




Roy Goh’s design philosophy resonated with me, and his professionalism, industry knowledge, and design flair stood out. His straightforward and authentic nature, coupled with patience and responsiveness, made the renovation process smooth. He provided valuable suggestions, staying true to my desired Scandinavian theme. The service experience was excellent, and the workmanship quality was satisfactory. I highly recommend Roy as an interior designer, confident in his ability to create functional and visually appealing homes.

Myra Lee

I had an amazing experience with interior designer Roy Goh. He impressed me with his portfolio and ability to capture our desired Scandinavian concept. Roy was patient, open to our ideas, and provided expert advice. Despite the Lunar New Year, he delivered on time and was responsive throughout. Roy’s commitment to perfection and dedication to client satisfaction set him apart. I highly recommend him for his skill, creativity, and support in creating our beautiful home. Thank you, Roy.

Keith Ho

Roy from Starry Homestead is the perfect interior designer to turn your dream home into a reality. His innovative approach to design is exemplified by his unique kitchen layout proposal that maximized space, which we appreciated at our first meeting. Roy followed the renovation timeline precisely, promptly rectifying issues even while on holiday. His dedication to quality was impressive, and his artistic ability to transform a room’s ambiance with the perfect combination of color, texture, and light was exceptional. We highly recommend Roy as an interior designer, as he made our house feel like a warm and inviting home.

Zhesheng Lin

Found Starry Homestead through Hometrust, which listed them as a highly accredited company with few negative reviews. Assigned Roy as our interior designer, who was professional, patient, and attentive to our needs. He provided an aesthetically pleasing design for our open kitchen concept, guided us on material selection, and ensured the renovation process exceeded expectations. Roy monitored the workers’ progress, coordinated with external vendors, and put our minds at ease throughout the project. Highly recommend Starry Homestead and Roy for future projects.

James Chong

Engaging Roy as our interior designer was a great decision. He was detailed and patient during the planning and design stage, and was always on site coordinating during the renovation. With his experience and supervision, he quickly pointed out the pros and cons of every option presented to us. Even after the project was completed, he and his contractor were available to help us remedy and fix some purchased items. We highly recommend Roy as an interior designer.

Ct Fang