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How to Create Dreamy, Cosy Corners to Chillax

Everyone needs to have a little special place in your home – a place to “Netflix and chill”, snuggle with a good read, curl up for a catnap or simply daydream away. And that little special place doesn’t need to be spacious or fanciful. All you need is to find a cosy corner that makes you feel nurtured and comfy and then claim that corner as yours!

So where are the best spots in your home to set up your cosy nest? For inspiration, come with us to check out 6 dreamy corners for you to snuggle in for eternity!


  1. Once Upon a Time, In a Place Far, Far Away…

Imagine you are a long way from home, on a mountain in some remote corner of the world, removed from work, phone and people who irritate you. Can’t really afford the time or money for such a luxury? How about decking up a room to resemble your dream getaway place, setting up a comfy corner with lots of cushions by the window and pretending that you are there? Customised wallpapers can be tailored to recreate the countryside feel – even a ceiling that imitates the sky – making you think as if you are actually on a hilltop.


  1. The Zen Platform

Fancy a place where you can “Zen” up, calm down and have a beverage – Japanese style? This serene corner not only allows you to enjoy a cup of tea while chilling on a raised platform, but it also serves as an extra bed for the guests. Simply replace the mobile sofa and the tiny “tea table” with a futon or a mattress, and a new bed is formed!


  1. Classic Reading Corner

Sometimes, a classic, stylish reading corner is what you need to while away a lazy afternoon with a good book that lifts up your spirits and lets your imagination soar. Houseplants, plenty of natural sunlight and a terrific view of good old nature are a big plus when it comes to relaxation.


  1. Raising the Ante with a Patch of Green

What’s more fabulous than a cosy corner? A lawn in a rooftop garden! Yes, yes, we know this is more than just an alcove – in fact, this is an incredible amount of square footage of cosy corner – but we could not resist showcasing it because it is, well, too chill! Here at this rooftop garden – where you can actually have an unblocked view of the clear blue sky – you can do just about anything you like to relax, recharge your energy or rejuvenate your spirit. And it can accommodate not only you, but your family and friends too.


  1. Hanging Out After Work

A special corner or a room in a workplace that is dedicated to rest and relaxation adds far more value than you think. Not only does it allow your employees to kick back after a hard day’s work, but it also gives them a sense of belonging to the company. And while you are at it, why not make that place fun and entertaining? Games like football table, darts and even a karaoke system can definitely lighten up the mood!


  1. The Ultimate Relaxation

Wait… do I see a home theatre reserved only for movies and music lovers, complete with a full set of home entertainment system and a wall-to-wall screen? And did I mention the shelves lined with CDs, DVDs, LPs and other wonderful content to keep one entertained? That just screams the pinnacle of relaxation! Own this, and you no longer have to leave home – all you need to loosen up is right here!


As you can see, a little nook can be rustled up in all sorts of weird and wonderful places. If you’re all game to mark your own corner in your home or even the workplace, it pays to get creative. Need more ideas? Simply contact our interior designers for a little chat!