We chanced upon Jason at a Marina Square roadshow. As we had a limited budget, we didn’t know if Jason or anyone would accept the challenge of designing and renovating an old resale slightly large 5room flat. But within two weeks, we met up with Jason and signed on with him directly.

What made us sign with Jason
His attentiveness, being assertive and of course colour-coordination (that is very important to the wife). He does not go with the flow of what others had done. Instead, he took the only 3 things we had in our mind: soft colours, outdoor looking kitchen and toilets and bathtub. We did not have any ideas of what we wanted, just related to him these 3 things and to squeeze in a bathtub in our sort of out of place MBR toilet, that was really something. He took our request in stride and we haven’t looked back since. So basically, he designed based on our 3 requests only. Hands up for being creative!

From start to completion took exactly 2 months with days to spare. Jason was frequently on-site and kept us updated with photographs and messaging or calling us when doubts arose. He is very quick to answer any of our queries even late into the evening.

Along the way, we changed our renovation a little i.e. changing of doors or door handles only and adding additional aircon etc. He has been very patience with us and giving us advice on what can and cannot be done. I would say he is a problem solver. One incident was our built in wardrobe was up before our curtain rods. Ended up, there was no space to drill in the curtain holder. Our fault, as we forgot to tell Jason that we wanted full length curtain. I was freaking out but he assures me it can be done and he and the carpenter took out one part of the wardrobe first to drill in the curtain holder and back on the side of the wardrobe. We trust him 100%.

Throughout the whole renovation process, we left everything to Jason and we did not even pop by to take a look. The only time we went over was to discuss the placing of aircon, kitchen and toilet accessories.

On Completion
On the final defects check, Jason and his team came down to fix some minor issue and that was it. He sent a cleaner to clean our flat and the cleaner did a superb job.

Our apartment is 39 years old but it look brand new now. Even the people (different companies) who started delivering our furnishings commented on how beautiful our place looks. This is the ultimate praise for an ID who had spent so much time on our flat apart from his other projects.

3 requests = Beautiful home.


NOTE: Anyone can do a good job with high renovation costs, but NOT everyone can produce good quality job with a budget.


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