Landed House Interior Design that Creates Visionary Homes

The results of our landed property renovation services in Singapore are sure to give you inspiration for what you can do with all that space. Explore our portfolio.

Transforming Homes into Livable Works of Art

The wide, open spaces of landed homes are like blank canvasses waiting for your mark. Come to Starry Homestead for professional landed house interior design and witness your vision of the perfect home come to life. Our interior design solutions for Singapore’s landed properties create homes worthy of being called architectural marvels. Putting your needs and style preference at the core of our designs, our projects always end up with spaces that are intelligently designed and truly tailored around you.

Going Beyond the Boundaries of Imagination

At Starry Homestead, we take landed property interior design in Singapore to the next level. With the amount of space we can work with in landed houses, the possibilities are limitless. That is why our landed house interior design solutions go beyond the boundaries of set design. Whether you want a home whose character speaks of understated elegance or a home that is like an interactive work of art, we deliver.

Furnishing or renovating a massive space may seem intimidating, but our team ensures a smooth, stress-free process. Offering comprehensive services, we can take care of everything from designing to finishing. Our years in the industry, sourcing capacity and connections allow us to access products and solutions of the highest quality and craftsmanship. With our talented team, all you have to do is tell us what you need and entrust the rest to us.

Need Some Inspirations?

We’ve helped many commercial and residential clients bring their design ideas to life. View our extensive portfolio and imagine what we can achieve for you.