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I have been an interior designer for more than 20 years, my main job responsibilities require excellent communication skills and the ability to function as a team player. I am passionate about interior design and I love using my creativity to help people create unique and attractive spaces that fit their purpose. I have worked on many memorable projects throughout my career but I am always exploring different ways and searching for new ideas to incorporate into my designs. One of my interests is sketching. I am inspired by the quote “Never stop, move on never give up” as I believe that it is essential to always keep pushing forward. Additionally, I believe in thinking outside the box and exploring new ways of thinking.


Rayson's Projects




Rayson from Starry Homestead managed our window replacement project seamlessly. He listened attentively to our needs, offered various design options within our budget, and ensured smooth execution from start to finish. With no hiccups or delays, our outdated windows were replaced with fresh new ones. Thanks Rayson and team from Starry.

Whelan Jonathan

Rayson has been a committed and responsible ID, taking great pride in his works and designs while incorporating the needs and wants of his customers foremost in his projects. He have delivered his projects with quality and time lines met despite shortcomings. He has also managed to keep the projects to our budget and ensures that workmanship on site is up to mark and quality. In the event of any discrepancies, Rayson is also quick to troubleshoot, respond and update us to leave us without worries.

Whelan Jonathan

We engaged Rayson Low from starry hometsead as our designer. We chose him as our designer because he is very experienced and creative. He is able to give practical advice for the renovation e.g. aircon piping. Rayson is sincere in his work and he adhered to timeline and renovation budget. He is also very accumulating and receptive to last changes in his design work. Overall, we had a pleasant experience with him and will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.


My family and I are impressed with the commitment, dedication, and meticulous work of Rayson throughout the renovation process. Throughout the process, we were able to overcome challenges, as he listened and gave appropriate and thoughtful alternative suggestions and recommendations. This is done without compromising form, and function and yet with a strong sense of aesthetics of my home. Every friend and neighbour who has visited my home commended the design – simplicity meets function with a homely vibe. I am grateful for his kind help and recommend Starry Homestead and Rayson to my friends and colleagues.

Yee Mun

Rayson is an experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable designer. He explained to us all the pros and cons of the design we want and the detail regarding the renovation works including carpentry, tiling, electricity installation and etc. He always advise us on ways to achieve the theme we wanted and work on our budget. Besides, he is approachable and trustworthy. During the renovation process, Rayson constantly keeps us updated and rectifies any errors before we spotted them. We recommend Rayson from Starry Homestead!

Su Qiao Ru

Rayson kept us updated on the renovation progress. He was patient and helpful with our queries and guided us along as we made the decisions. An awesome designer deserves a high recommendation. Excellent workmanship, now we have our dream home! We will not hesitate to recommend Rayson and Starry Homestead to our friends and family. And Rayson is the face that represents Starry Homestead and his team of contractors. I sincerely recommend Starry Homestead if you plan to do a home renovation in the future.


Rayson may not be the best price, but his designs had the best balance of practicality and compatibility. During the renovation, he always answered our questions no matter how trivial. Liaising with Rayson over WhatsApp to discuss or follow up was a breeze. We were at ease especially during the WFH period as he was always there to attend to our needs. The finished result was amazing! We are very happy and grateful to have a trustable and reliable partner, Rayson, and Starry Homestead to walk through the exciting but challenging journey. Thumbs up for Rayson, he is the kind of person you definitely want to work with.

Lilian Lee

I would personally recommend Rayson from Balestier branch, he is a very experienced designer. He has been my designer for my last home as well. His passion for design makes me choose him again after so many years. I’m still impressed by his professionalism in design & project management skills. The whole renovation journey is done perfectly and steadily. Thank you Rayson & starry homestead team make my dream home come true again!

Germaine Tan

Our flat is a resale flat, we had lots of ideas on how can we renovate our home before we met Rayson. When we first met, he showed us many projects he had done before and proposed designs for how we can renovate our home. The most amazing part is he can hand sketch design right in front of us. Of course, the renovation part is also good, he is a very experienced designer, and we can rely on him through the whole journey. Especially during this WFH period, I really appreciate I have my dream home came true. Thank you Rayson & Starry Homestead team.

Chris Chong
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