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Interior Design Consultant
East Showroom

It’s always a thrill for me to understand what a homeowner desires and work towards making it a reality. One of my most memorable projects was designing 422B Northshore Drive, which challenged my creativity and helped me grow as a designer. My sales director is my role model, as I find her to be a great leader and designer who takes responsibility and is attentive to anyone who wants to learn. Outside of work, I love reading books and playing badminton to stay active. I find the act of reading books to improve my understanding and broaden my perspective to be a fulfilling hobby. I also get active at times by going outdoors for cycling, boating, and swimming.


Shirley's Projects




It was our first home, we were mostly clueless on how to go about the entire process. Shirley was very patient and attentive to our needs and provided many creative suggestions for optimal use of our home where space was limited. She was also very conscientious and helped us with defect inspection, pointing out defects we would not have noticed in our new home. Finally, she also gave us additional great ideas on home furnishing that will complement our home concept and liven up the space. All in all, it was a great pleasure working with Shirley and I highly recommend others to do so.

Timothy Yu

We contracted Starry Home for a 3bd apt. Shirley from Starry was very reliable and considerate. Highly recommend!

Fan Tan