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The power of interior design transforms commercial spaces into functional and appealing environments. At Starry Homestead, we excel in demonstrating how to design an office that not only enhances productivity and well-being but also serves as a source of inspiration. This showcase highlights our projects that exemplify our expertise and versatility in commercial interior design, demonstrating our ability to meet diverse business needs.

1. 111 Somerset Road

The office interior at 111 Somerset Road is a testament to Scandinavian sensibilities, prioritising functionality and employee well-being. This learning centre merges the warmth of pastel pinks and blues with the clean minimalism typical of Scandinavian design, fostering a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. The layout smartly balances open areas that encourage collaboration with private nooks for focused work, comprising sleek, ergonomic furniture that boosts both comfort and productivity.

2. 31 Harrison Road

The ARIM Technologies office space embodies industrial chic, blending functionality with stylish aesthetics. Its open-plan layout features distressed cement floors, wood laminates with expressive grain patterns, and weathered red bricks. This design fosters a dynamic atmosphere and a café-bar vibe in the pantry, equipped with a bar counter and high stools. Located near the meeting room for easy access, the area combines practicality with a sophisticated industrial theme, evident in the tactile brick-patterned white walls.

3. 201 Victoria Street

Nerdy Noodles at 201 Victoria Street immerses diners in a retro Hong Kong-inspired ambience reminiscent of the bustling street scenes and culinary heritage of 1950s Hong Kong. The design artfully integrates elements like neon signage, traditional terrazzo tabletops, and old-school floor tiles, reflecting the authentic charm of Hong Kong’s storied street food stalls. This vibrant decor enriches the dining experience and faithfully amplifies the brand’s thematic essence, making it a standout venue that transports guests back in time.

4. CIMB Plaza

Crafted for the dynamics of a modern Scandinavian eatery, our latest F&B project merges functionality with a welcoming aura, enhanced by a neutral colour palette with vibrant accents. Comfortable seating and efficient layouts ensure operational efficacy, while elements like soft wood tones, complemented by subtle greens and clean whites, create a serene yet lively dining atmosphere. This project exemplifies our ability to combine style and practicality in commercial spaces, using colour to sweeten form and function.

5. East Showroom

Our East Showroom office showcases a visionary blend of wabi-sabi aesthetics and modern design principles, previewing the future of interior design trends. The space harmoniously balances organic forms with sharp geometric lines, boasting earthy hues and natural wood elements that evoke simplicity and serenity. A striking wood-panelled feature stretches up and across the ceiling, mimicking a tree’s canopy, exemplifying the integration of nature-inspired designs with contemporary architectural lines. This showroom is a tangible portfolio of Starry Homestead’s creative design ideas and solutions.

6. Central Showroom

Our Central Showroom mixes Japandi and Light Luxury styles, exemplifying our leadership in innovative and luxurious design. On the first floor, the Japandi style offers a serene, minimalist aesthetic with natural materials that evoke tranquillity. The second floor escalates to Light Luxury, featuring refined elegance, sumptuous textures, and sophisticated detailing, creating an opulent atmosphere that blends comfort with grandeur. This office demonstrates the seamless integration of contemporary aesthetics in commercial spaces.

Transforming Commercial and Office Spaces

The showcased projects highlight Starry Homestead’s expertise in navigating the unique demands of office interior design in Singapore across various industries. Whether it’s a corporate space, a retail outlet, or a specialty eatery, our designs emphasise functionality, style, and brand alignment.

Starry Homestead goes beyond creating beautiful spaces; we transform commercial environments into settings that enhance brand identity and functionality. For expert commercial interior design consultations and to bring visionary design solutions to your projects, contact our interior design firm in Singapore today. We also offer interior services for residential and kitchen spaces, tailoring each design to meet the unique needs and preferences of homeowners.

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