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Eclectic interior design

A combination of cultures, a harmony of the old and the new; the eclectic interior design style appears to be a mishmash of all things colourful, and yet it looks coherent and attractive to many. This style is a far cry from the clean and soft palettes of the typical Singaporean home decked up in Muji or Scandinavian elements, yet befitting of the word elegant. 

Feeling iffy about the most widely seen interior design styles in Singapore and interested to explore something unique and fun? Have a look at the characteristics of the eclectic interior design style and how you can smoothly integrate it into your home. 

What is the Eclectic Interior Design Style?

Eclectic interior design is a style that cleverly mixes elements of multiple design styles into a space, where furnishings and decor pulled from a wide variety of styles unite. This style is all about experimentation and play, allowing you to create a cohesive environment with all the things pleasing to you. If you’re into rich and layered design styles featuring details from a series of eras and movements, this style may just be the one for you.

Characteristics of the Eclectic Interior Design Style

1. Pattern Play

Eclectic interior home patterns

The eclectic interior design style is home to patterns; from simple repetitive geometric patterns to complicated ones such as brocades, greek keys and tribal, interesting pattern details are all welcomed in an eclectic style. 

Patterns can be integrated into your home in numerous ways and do not necessarily have to be imprinted onto textiles such as your rugs, carpets and sofa throws. Some interesting ways include patterned floor and bathroom tiles, or hiring interior design services to customise pattern designs on your carpentry. 

This is the best time to allow yourself to be adventurous, where you get to test out and play around with interesting and expressive arrangements.

2. Fusion of Styles

Mismatched pieces of furniture are a regular sight in eclectic interiors; from a mixture of styles to a combination of varying colours and shapes, they seem to fit well with one another despite their differences. 

While others may find this style of decorating rather bizarre and chaotic, there is a way to unify these elements and make them appear coherent. The trick is to connect them with colour – choosing colours that compliment one another (opposite colours on the colour wheel such as orange and blue), colours from a sequential colour scheme (from light green to dark blue), or colours that go well with a specific material (colours that go well with wood such as olive green and greyish brown). 

When decorating your home in an eclectic style, you are free to experiment with diverse furniture designs across different eras and time periods. The Greek Empire’s magnificent ivory and silver furnishings; the Dark Ages’ dull, dark wood panelling features, as well as luxurious textiles and colourful paintings from the Renaissance Period, and more.

3. Contrasts

Eclectic interior design services

Contrasts in colour and texture are an excellent way to give warmth and character to your eclectic home. Although contrasting materials seem to be a recurring theme in eclectic interior design, it isn’t about placing entirely mismatched pieces together hoping that it would work, but rather, combining different textures and colours that somehow work well together. 

We’ve talked about the types of colour palettes you can consider in the section above, so let’s turn our attention to textures. There are plenty of textured items in the world, and listing them out would be impossible; however, a considerable pairing includes fusing glossy and matte surfaces, such as a side table with gold finishing and a black velvet sofa.

4. Simple Backdrop

The eclectic interior design style is a bold one filled with elements that you never thought could co-exist. In order to integrate all the styles, colours and textures together, the most important thing to do is to place them all against a simple and neutral background. It can be overpowering and overwhelming if your wall colour is also a vibrant and striking colour.

In eclectic interior design, the background should be kept simple so that your focus can be drawn to the carefully curated pieces of furniture and art in the room. 

5. Statement Pieces

Eclectic interior design for dining

Finally, statement pieces are the key to every home, especially in eclectic interiors. Accent pieces that stand out among the colours and styles are a great addition because they make your space pop. Simple items such as a quirky light stand or an odd-shaped coffee table can all make a big difference. 

What appeared to be a hodgepodge of colours and ornamentation was actually a well thought out interior design style. If you’re a daredevil at heart and wish to try styling your home in an eclectic style, you’re now well-equipped with the knowledge to create the dynamic home of your dreams. Engage creative interior design services to help you pull together strong yet tasteful design elements to create your eclectic home. 

Starry Homestead provides amazing interior design services to both residential and commercial clients interested in transforming empty spaces into functional spaces with a story to tell. Contact us today to get your dream home designed. 



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