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Condo Interior Design Bringing Nature Into Your Urban Home

A condo is a modern dwelling that offers an urban living experience within the city. While it is a luxurious place to live in and an urban lifestyle increases one’s quality of life, it can sometimes get monotonous and even feel too rigid to relax in. to create a cosy and comfortable environment for rest, you can make adjustments to your condominium interior design. One of them is to bring nature indoors. Here’s what you can do. 

1.  Use natural wood and fibre furniture

Use natural wood and fibre furniture Condo interior design in Singapore

According to studies and research, wood has a calming influence on people’s emotional states, and surroundings that are loaded with wooden structures can cause a drop in blood pressure. Wood and natural fibre furnishings, such as linen, are natural and generally environmentally friendly materials that can do wonders to your condo interior design. They soften the inside of your home and make it feel warmer and cosier by bringing a touch of nature into it.

2. Add house plants and wildflowers

Add house plants and wildflowers Condo interior design in Singapore.

Adding plants and wildflowers to your condo’s interior design is another way to incorporate nature. This is the most literal way to bring nature indoors, and it can drastically improve the appearance of your condo by adding a touch of greenery and vibrancy. You don’t have to stick with real plants and flowers if you don’t have the confidence to care for them properly; artificial plants will do.

Plants not only improve the overall aesthetic of your home, but studies show that they can also improve your mood, stimulate creativity, reduce stress, and even eliminate pollutants from the air.

Even if you love the look of an urban and modern home, plants can still be added tastefully to beautify your home without ruining your aesthetics.

3. Choose an earthy colour palette

Choose an earthy colour palette Condo interior design in Singapore

Using an earthy colour palette is a simple way to bring nature into your house as they resemble the colours you’ll see outdoors, in parks and forests. Warm, earth-toned colours make any place feel welcoming and cosy, and choosing a colour that is inspired by nature may instantly add cosiness to a space. These colours are also suitable for urban interiors, and they may be used to create the ideal fusion of styles, resulting in a relaxing yet stylish home.

4. Design a nature wall mural

Design a nature wall mural Condo interior design in Singapore

An eye-catching wall painting composed of plants or flowers can completely change the look of your room. This can be a feature wall next to your dining table or installed behind your television for comfortable viewing. To make upkeep easier, use artificial plants instead of real ones. You could also make a wall mural out of images of trees, forests, mountains, wildlife, or the ocean for something truly unique. Such wall mural designs are perfect for condo interiors because of the higher ceilings.

5.  Increase the flow of natural light

Increase flow of natural light Condo interior design in Singapore

Artificial lighting can make a home feel cold, and the lack of natural lighting has been shown to negatively affect our mental health. By increasing the flow of natural light, you can create a brighter and more cheery condo interior design for a more positive living environment. 

Keep your windows clean and open, strategically place mirrors to reflect more natural light into your home, and keep the area near your windows clear of any obstructions to maximise natural lighting.

Bringing nature into your home requires strategic planning such that it won’t appear too chaotic. The placement and styling of the plants and your other furnishings must complement each other. This can be done most efficiently if you enlist the help of a condo interior designer. This is especially important if you wish to have a cosy home filled with nature while still being able to enjoy the modern and urban aspects of your condo apartment. 

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