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What is it like to have a design genie that grants you every interior design wish and makes your dream home come true? Working mother, Cheryl, the new owner of a 5-room HDB flat in Yishun, would tell you that nothing feels better than getting everything she wishes for her new home.

What are her wishes, and how does our design genie, Emily, work her magic? Let’s take a look!

Check out this video showcasing Cheryl’s beautiful Muji-Scandi styled home.


Wish #1: A Cosy & Organised Home

Cheryl wants a home that is cosy and organised. Emily’s answer to that? The Muji-Scandinavian interior style, which is all about pared-down minimalist living with a neat, clean-cut aesthetic. Subtle colours, in this case, a tri-colour palette of brown (oak), white and grey – the classic Muji colour combination – is chosen for a Zen-like vibe. Natural materials, including lots of wood and glasses, are the preferred choices.

At the same time, the Muji style also emphasises quality – excellent craftsmanship and materials to enhance the quality of living. It is also about flexibility and being able to adapt to the lifestyle and needs of the family.

Wish #2: A Special Corner Just For Me

Cheryl wishes for a special area to relax and enjoy tea with her friends whenever they visit. It should also be a suitable space for the yoga enthusiast to practise yoga.

A tailor-made tatami cum storage platform answers to the call for a “chill corner”. What’s even more unique here is an automated height-adjustable table that can be concealed in the tatami when not used. As seen in the video, the raised platform also offers a natural height, thus creating a horigotatsu, a traditional Japanese table that’s low to the ground and has a recessed floor beneath it for users to stretch out their legs.

Wish #3: Kitchen Island

Some might think that a kitchen island is so easy to build that it hardly needs to design genie. But what about a kitchen island in an impossible layout?

“I love to bake, and hence, I’ve always wanted to have an island,” says Cheryl. “But I know that the space and layout of this new place make it difficult to accommodate an island. I was very surprised and happy that Emily was able to design a portable island. I really love it!”

The moveable kitchen island shown in the video doesn’t take up any working space when it is not used because it is tucked away neatly in the lower kitchen cabinet. When needed, it can easily be rolled out.

Wish #4: Study Area with Movable Partitions

“I’ve also always wanted a study,” Cheryl continues. “As we work from home, having a proper home office is very important to me. But I don’t want to confine the area to a fixed built-up room.”

To create the versatility that Cheryl asks for, foldable glass doors that are shown to work so seamlessly in the video are installed. Not only does the movable partitions enhance flexibility in the living space, it also introduces allows more natural light into the area, thus making it a pleasant space to work in.

Wish #5: Walk-in Wardrobe

“I’ve always wanted a walk-in wardrobe, and I prefer a walk-in wardrobe separated from the bed,” says Cheryl.

Cheryl’s wish came true, indeed. By constructing a wooden and glass panel partition that is also a vanity table, she has a separate walk-in wardrobe adjacent to the en suite bathroom. Moreover, true to the Muji clean-lined aesthetic, the vanity table also features a make-up mirror cum storage box that can be easily concealed.

Wish #6: A Clutter-free Home

“I’ve emphasised from the beginning that I want my home to be neat, tidy and clutter-free,” Cheryl stresses.

That’s where the Muji magic really kicks in. The household knick-knacks, including the kids’ toys, are all neatly kept away in the ample storage space offered by the built-in carpentry. These include storage spaces underneath the tatami and bed frame and within the TV feature wall. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are also constructed in the study, tatami area and the living room entrance.

So all in all, did Emily grant all Cheryl’s wishes? The answer is a resounding “yes”!

Cheryl concludes, “I chose Emily because of her passion for interior design. She is responsible and attentive to details. The renovation process was hassle-free, and in the end, she helped me achieve my dream home. I’m very thankful to Emily.”

Are you looking for a design genie to grant your home renovation wishes? Contact us at (65) 678 6866 or email today.

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