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Homes Under $45,000 You Wish to Own

Who says you need expensive renovation to make a gorgeous home? While we have probably heard of stories of renovations that cost the owners an arm and a leg, you don’t have to rob a bank do the same. With the right planning and a little creativity, you, too, can be a proud owner of a wonderful and comfortable living space.

In this article, we are featuring five sublime apartments that cost less than $45,000 for renovation.


Simply Modern

Using only $20,000 for renovation, this condo at Yishun Close is akin to a smart woman who knows how to dress fashionably without having to spend a fortune on designer wear. The interior designer from Starry Homestead employed the concept of simplicity in modern design to give a feel of everlasting relevance. Clean lines achieved by strong horizontal and vertical marks on the natural wood used for the TV feature wall, dining table and ceiling offer visual variation in the neutral walls and light-toned floor. Streamlined furniture with plain fabric and just a touch of decor also highlight the uncomplicated yet modern idea.


The Nordic Approach

Everyone loves a Scandinavian interior design because it doesn’t go out-of-style. Not only does this Nordic-inspired executive condo at Anchorvale look cool and stylish, but it also comes with a very decent renovation price tag of $15,000!

With the use of natural materials such as wood, and neutral, calm tones such as white and beige, the living space stays warm, welcoming and un-cluttered. Our interior designer also made full use of the classic light-hued Scandinavian wood for the TV feature wall, floor-to-ceiling cabinets with lots of storage space and even the headboard for the bed in the bedroom, adding an interesting texture to the rooms. To complement the ample natural light that flows in, the interior is enhanced with strategically installed soft lighting.


Industry is In!

Thinking of something bolder? How about a modern industry look? At a very reasonable renovation price of $38,000, we made this modern industrial-style HDB flat look like a steal. Located at Sumang Walk, this apartment features a darker palette in its living room and master bedroom’s walls while opts for a brighter shade in the kid’s bedroom. The play in colour offers a sharp contrast, drawing the eyes immediately to its design without having to spend an astronomical sum on other embellishments.


Less is More

With Muji homes mushrooming not just in Singapore but around the world, it looks like the Muji movement is here to stay! Inspired by the popular Japanese houseware retailer, our interior designer offered a warm and friendly look to this HDB flat at Ghim Moh Link for a low renovation price point of $45,000. Decked in pale, natural timber for walls, built-in cabinets, study desk and even a raised platform storage that doubles up as a bed frame for the guests, this all-natural home is the epitome of minimalist, Japanese-style! For an extra touch, how about more “Muji” in the form of coffee and dining tables?


The Dark Side of Modern

This condo at Lorong Puntong offers a different take on modern interior design. With the combination of the darker palette and luxury interior as the basic concept, this enigmatic yet sophisticated living space plays with the trending moody colours and contemporary furnishings. The use of chocolate-hued wood mixed with the rich elegance of marble on the walls draws your eyes and asserts a strong design statement. This swanky apartment may look like a million-dollar, but we did it for a measly renovation cost of $36,000!


If you’re interested in keeping your renovation within your budget, hook up with one of our interior designers now! Give us a call for a friendly little chat on your ideal home today.


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