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Welcome to the second episode of House Everything? – a reality TV show on Channel 8 that features Starry Homestead as the chosen interior design consultant for its participants.

In this week’s episode, the show introduces a widower who lives with his 16-year-old daughter in a 22-year-old HDB home.


The Scenario

Before the renovation, the living room was dim with not much natural light entering into the interior. Coupled with the accumulated clutter, the room gave people a drab and sombre feel.

The living room also accommodated both a study area for the daughter and a home office for the owner as he often worked from home. And because he had a habit of collecting and hoarding sundries and used items such as old electrical goods, collectibles and personal memorabilia, it resulted in the space being cluttered with used and unused items gathered over the years.

House Everything Episode 2

An amazing overhaul!


The Challenge

The challenge is to provide both the daughter and father their personal space in the living room without compromising on the interior design. At the same time, it should also be an area where they can relax and enjoy their time spent together or receive guests in their home.


The Solution

The design choice is the light industrial interior concept. The interior designer, Rex, noticed that while the owner might prefer a simpler concept, his daughter had displayed a strong sense of personality in her decorating style. Thus, Rex believes that the light industrial design, which offers a clean and simple design but at the same time makes a statement in style, is suitable for both of them.

The style’s key design elements are wood and stucco walls, which enhance the industrial feel with its cement-like look and texture. A combination of dark grey, a mainstay of the industrial style, and bright yellow  are used as the main hues.

To create separate personal spaces, the working and study areas are designated in different parts of the living room. The owner’s work area has an L-shaped desk and wall-to-wall built-in storage cabinets for him to keep and display his collectibles. Other than storage space in the daughter’s study area, a rotatable study table that can be neatly tucked back into the cabinet is specially constructed to save space. A decorative wood pegboard is also mounted on the wall to allow the daughter to display her artwork, medals and other personal items.

House Everything Episode 2

Separate personal spaces can be carved out in the same living area.

In place of the old map, a 3D world map is pasted on the wall, allowing the father and daughter to mark the places they have travelled to as well as their next holiday destination.

In the dining area, a customised light wood dining settee that doubles up as additional storage space is built. Not only does the design make full use of the square footage, but things can also be stored away neatly underneath the seat.

House Everything Episode 2

The dining set is complete with a built-in settee that also has storage space underneath.


The Bonus

As the owner is a collector of electrical items, the team helped to transform a couple of obsolete PC towers into stools. The team also decided to keep the 40-year-old marble coffee table that is inherited from the owner’s father. This way, both the father and son’s work can once again be represented in the home. Not only does the refurbishment allow the owner to keep some of his nostalgic keepsakes, but it is also a creative means of recycling used items.

House Everything Episode 2

Rather than throwing the collectibles away, the team turned them into cool-looking stools!

For more information about the light industrial-style interior concept, please contact the designer of this episode, Rex Neo at tel. no. 6778 6866.

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