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It is not surprising that the majority of people want their homes to look and feel visually appealing. That is why condominiums are so popular; their interior design has beautiful aesthetics, as well as a touch of style and luxury that many people seem to appreciate. Fortunately, these elements can be easily incorporated into the interior design of an HDB flat in Singapore to create a truly awe-inspiring home. If you live in an HDB flat and want your home to have the aesthetics of a condominium, we have compiled a list of design elements that you can use to create your dream home! 

How To Make Your HDB Interior Look Like A Condominium 

1. Install full-length mirrors 

Have you ever wondered why condominiums appear to be larger than HDB flats? This is because many of them have higher ceilings than HDB flats, creating the illusion of a spacious and open interior! Spaciousness often creates an inviting atmosphere where one can easily unwind after a long day at work. Installing full-length mirrors in your HDB flat is the best way to recreate that ambience because they reflect and amplify natural and artificial light, making any given space appear brighter and larger.

As a result, mirrors should be strategically placed in the HDB flat, such as the living room and dining room, where they can reflect the most light. It doesn’t even have to be a mirror; a highly reflective and shiny surface will work just as well.

Condominium Interior Design in Singapore

2. Follow a colour scheme 

A consistent colour scheme is a staple of most condominium interior design, as it not only determines the aesthetic of the interior but also creates a sense of cohesion throughout the entire space. One of the fundamental principles of interior design is to achieve harmony and unity, and the simplest way to do so is to use a consistent colour scheme. As a result, if you want the interior design of your HDB flat to have a certain aesthetic, you should first decide on a colour scheme and then buy paint and furniture to match. While there are popular colour schemes for modern interiors, such as white, dark blue, and black, and deep red, grey, and black for Scandinavian interiors, it is still up to you to decide which colours you want to see the most in your home.

Minimalist interior design in Singapore

3. Add Modern-Luxurious touches

Having a home that exudes luxury and elegance does not have to entail purchasing expensive furniture, altering the floor plan, or completely repainting the house. Spray-painting drawer handles and exposed pipes with a gold finish, purchasing bronze decoration pieces, and adding silver trimmings to seat cushions can all achieve the same effect! Furthermore, adding small touches here and there is a great way to experiment with the interior design of your HDB flat and see if it fits into the overall ambience.

White mdoern themed interior design

4. Add a feature wall in each room

Break up the monotony of your walls and add contrast by adding a feature wall in each room of your HDB flat! By having a wall that is different, yet still in line with the overall interior design of your HDB flat, it creates a striking visual impact that is sure to catch the eye and make an impression. The feature wall can be something as simple as painting it a different colour from the rest of the walls or as complex as a mural. 

Wall art interior design in Singapore

5. Hide the bomb shelter

All HDB flats built after 1996 come equipped with a bomb shelter but the big white door and circular vent might often stick out like a sore thumb in your home. Luckily, there are a few design tricks that you can use to ensure that the bomb shelter blends in with the rest of your home decoration. This includes adding a feature wall in front of the bomb shelter to make it a part of your home’s interior design or using the space for another purpose e.g. a storeroom, pantry or a walk-in wardrobe. Be sure to read the SCDF’s Guidelines for Household Shelters before you begin any works on the bomb shelters so that you do not accidentally alter it too much. 

Hidden Bomb Shelter Interior Design

Designing Your Dream Home 

Our homes are more than just a place to sleep and be protected from the elements. It is also a place where we can unwind after a long day, relax with our friends and family, and even express our identities through our interior design choices. That’s why Starry Homestead is committed to creating beautiful interior spaces that are also harmonious sanctuaries for meaningful living or working lifestyles. Contact us today to learn more. 

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