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A pleasant working environment can make your employees look forward to coming to work. Why is this so? The workplace is where most Singaporeans spend the majority of their time. While office culture and interpersonal relationships are important factors in creating a positive environment, office interior design also has a significant impact on how your employees perceive the company.

Because of the costs and inconveniences associated with office renovations, many business owners tend to overlook the importance of good office interior design. What they don’t realise is that good office interior design has intangible benefits. Here are some of the reasons why good office design is essential.

  1.  Improve team productivity
    employees working at office tableAccording to research, the temperature in your office, furniture layout, amount of noise, light, and the quality of your furnishings all have an impact on employee productivity. Adequate lighting, a well-ventilated space, and a pleasant working environment help your employees stay focused. Increased concentration leads to increased productivity, which will only benefit your company in the long run.
  2. Improve space efficiency and workflow
    Whether you’re looking to increase the number of workstations or simply need a proper space to store all your supplies, interior designers can help carve out additional space for more seats or more storage options with proper layout optimisation. Optimising your office space improves space efficiency. Things can be organised in their proper places, and employees no longer have to work in cramped workstations. When office supplies, important gadgets, and documents are neatly organised, workflow improves because employees now know where to find what they need. They will no longer waste time looking for items.
  3. Impress visitors
    Your office is also a branding strategy for your company. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your company’s purpose, brand values, and build credibility when your potential hires, clients and partners visit. When important stakeholders set foot into your office, you want them to be impressed by your office interior design and trust that your company can accomplish great things. This cannot be achieved with a poorly designed space.

  4. Boost employee moraleemployees discussing work happilyThe ideal office interior design promotes social interaction among employees as well as provides a comfortable environment that increases concentration levels during work hours. According to studies, employee socialisation contributes significantly to a healthy work culture. Closed office layouts discourage social interaction and can lead to burnout, whereas open office layouts encourage interaction and boost morale, which improves work performance and productivity.
  5. Ensure safety
    Aside from removing safety hazards and ensuring well-lit spaces for employee safety, office ergonomics helps to keep employees healthy and free of physical pain and discomfort. Ergonomic furniture reduces aches and injuries while increasing efficiency, employee satisfaction, and attendance rates. A healthy work setup consists of not just an ergonomic chair, but also other items such as ergonomic keyboards and desks. Your office layout and how employees move around your premises also affects their body.

A well-planned office interior design is critical to running a successful business. It creates the ideal work environment for employees in order to bring out the best in them. Improving your office interior design involves more than just beautifying the space; it also consists of creating a space that can affect how your employees work. Everything from open office spaces and adequate lighting to the furniture you choose can influence how your employees think.

Starry Homestead offers interior design services in Singapore to commercial and residential clients looking to enhance the interior of their spaces. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

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