Starry Homestead is an award-winning home interior design firm in Singapore and is one of the best interior designers according to homeowner reviews. We have demonstrated an unyielding dedication in providing home interior design and home renovations for years. This, we did with the mindset that we wanted to help homeowners and families in the country to have a better living space that is functional, aesthetic and comfortable to live in. At Starry Homestead, we embody not just our taste in design but also our ability to translate clients’ ideas into living and working solutions. Our house renovations are done with expertise and dedication.

At Starry Homestead, we love a design challenge. We revamp the typical HDB mould into invigorating homes with intelligent space saving solutions.

Size is never an issue. Our designers transform condo spaces into inspiring and functional living spaces reflective of free self-expression.

Not sure what to do with all that space? For landed properties, we create tailored designs that go beyond the boundaries of imagination.


Starry Homestead is Singapore’s trusted source of creative home interior design solutions. Crafted from your idea of your dream space, we make living spaces welcoming, homey and invigorating. We want to make your home interior a place you will love to return to after a tiring day, a place where your children can grow comfortably.

Not sure about what home interior design you would like? Our designers will take you by the hand and help you discover key areas that need solutions. For our dedicated team, there’s no such thing as vague ramblings. Tell us about your concerns and what you hope to achieve and we’ll translate these into designs that allow better living.


Our range of home renovation and interior design services specialises in landed properties, condo units, and HDB flats. We take the time to learn about your personal needs and preferences and combine these with our expertise to turn your property into a personal haven. In every project, we aim to provide designs that exceed expectations.


We’ve helped many commercial and residential clients bring their design ideas to life. View our extensive portfolio and imagine what we can achieve for you.


Finding the right interior designer is critical to a successful house renovation in Singapore. And we are here to create designs for condos, HDBs and landed properties with a focus on creating beautiful spaces yet functionality that our clients would be proud to call home. When we’re done, we turn over fluid, light-filled spaces with identities reflective of their owners.


A good interior designer is someone who works closely with a client to plan, design and coordinate the renovation of interior spaces whether it’s for residential or commercial projects. A home interior design must be done in a systematic manner. An assessment will be carried out in the early phase to figure out what exactly our clients want and need so then the interior designers will be able to give them a solid plan about what needs to be done in the most efficient way. We work closely with our clients to provide them with spaces that inspire, offer comfort and promote purposeful living and working. With our team’s calibre, we can execute designs ranging from minimalist to eclectic. Explore our portfolio and contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.