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Singapore is a small city-state with a land area of 728.3 km² and land scarcity is an issue here. Due to space constraints, property sizes in Singapore are also getting smaller. Apart from HDB flats, where Build-to-order (BTO) flats are significantly smaller than resale units, potential condo owners are also experiencing the same problems, with newer condos built in a smaller size compared to their older counterparts.

With limited space, how can we design our homes to make the most of what we have? Read on to learn what elements you can incorporate into your condo interior design and what renovation work you can do to create a larger space.

1. Avoid False Ceilings

False ceilings are essentially used to conceal electrical wires, as well as for soundproofing, fire safety, and energy efficiency purposes. Many times, false ceilings are also used solely for aesthetic purposes or to make a very large home appear cosier and more intimate. However, that’s not what you’re looking for.

While false ceilings are a great way to achieve certain results in your condo interior design, and while condos typically have higher ceiling heights, false ceilings can make your small space appear even more cramped. If there is absolutely no need for a false ceiling, consider not adding it. Instead, pay more attention to the light fixture design and paint colours you choose. 

2. Choose Minimal and Bright Colours

Scandinavian, minimalist and Muji interior design styles are extremely popular in Singapore because they use neutral, simple, and bright colours to make your space appear larger and airy. 

Minimalist Condo interior design

While a home with many colours may seem cheerful to those who love an eclectic, bohemian or art deco home design style, having too many visual elements and colour tones can make your home appear cluttered and smaller than it is. 

When choosing paint for your condo, choose colours that are both neutral and bright. Lighter colours tend to reflect light, making your home appear more spacious, whereas darker colours absorb light, making your home appear dull and small.

Some colours to consider include white, cream, beige, and pastel colours such as lilac, pale yellow, and light pink. 

3. Segregate Your Areas

Defining different spaces within your home and segregating living areas will help you in reducing clutter and creating the illusion of extra space. Group different living spaces into one such as using the living room as a dining room and a relaxation area, while your bedroom can double up as a study room as well. 

Incorporating space-saving furniture solutions alongside this strategy in your segregated areas allows you to easily transform a living room into a dining area effortlessly. Some solutions include storage platforms that also serve as a bench or wall-mounted paintings that can be pulled down into a dining table. 

4. Glass or Reflective Surfaces

Glass, whether tinted or untinted and other reflective surfaces such as mirrors are excellent choices for your condo interior design. They are not only modern-luxurious elements that can improve the appearance of your home, but they can also help to create a more spacious interior.

Glass doors are commonly used to divide spaces in smaller homes because they allow light to enter the rooms, visually opening up the space while still providing some privacy. Add blinds or curtains to your glass door if you wish to have extra privacy.

Reflective Surfaces Condo Interior Design

Large mirrors the size of your walls are usually incorporated into condo interior designs. They make your space appear bigger and brighter by creating an illusion of depth to make it seem as if there is an extension of your space.

5. Create Open Spaces

Consider hacking down walls to create open spaces, such as an open-concept kitchen, when doing your condo renovation. If you live alone or only with your partner, you may want to consider knocking down most walls and replacing them with glass doors or curtains during the day to create an open-concept home for a larger space in the day.

While an open-concept home is great for creating more space, it may prevent you from installing more storage units or space-saving furniture. Do weigh your options and speak to an interior designer to determine what would work best for you.

Condos typically come with the interior and renovation done up nicely before you get your keys, but they may not be as practical or spacious as you would like them to be. To build a nice and spacious home, you should always speak to a reputable condo interior designer about what you can do to improve the appearance of your home. 

At Starry Homestead, our experienced home interior designers create stunning interior spaces to help homeowners improve their quality of life. Contact us today to create award-winning interior designs for your home.