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Planning out every aspect of your dream home is always an exciting affair for homeowners moving into their first apartment. Taking the time to decide what you want for your interior design and decor will help to smoothen and streamline the process for all parties. Here are 5 things you should consider before hiring the services of an interior design company in Singapore

1. Choose your desired style.

Everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences, and there are numerous home renovation design styles for Singaporean homeowners to express themselves. This ranges from modern styles which combine visual and functional simplicity through clean and crisp lines; minimalist styles which create a sense of cleanliness through uncluttered spaces and monochromatic hues, as well as country styles which focus on comfort through simple furniture and down-to-earth colours.  

Home designers are well-versed with interior design styles and are able to advise you on the current trending styles in Singapore. One handy tip for homeowners is to compile a list of images or websites pertaining to one’s desired style and share these with your interior designer. This helps them get a better idea of your specific preferences and saves valuable time on the design process.

2. Decide on your desired features.

Singaporeans come from all walks of life, so it is only natural that your home’s features should reflect your choice of lifestyle. Homeowners who are inclined towards exercise will likely set aside space in their home for a well-equipped home gym, while those who enjoy cooking and hosting will likely gravitate towards an open-concept space which combines both dining and living room space for a more intimate and meaningful experience.

Letting your interior designer be aware of your desired home features allows them to allocate sufficient space and take necessary steps, such as hacking down walls to create a larger shared space. Home renovation specialists in Singapore generally have their own signature styles and specialties, and looking up their projects beforehand to see if they are a good fit for your needs helps to smoothen the overall process.

3. Decide what each room is used for.

With their different requirements and background, homeowners will use their rooms differently. For example, parents will likely require a separate room for their children to have their own space and privacy, while newly-wed couples not having children just yet may use the same room as a home office or a guest room to host friends and family.

HDB renovation contractors are well-versed with the various layouts of apartments in Singapore, allowing for them to maximise the potential of each room. Knowing what purpose each room has helps designers develop a proper aesthetic and layout, such as using brighter and warmer colours for children’s rooms and more calming colours and furnishings for a home office.

4. Calculate your available budget.

While homeowners would love to spare no expense for their dream home, the truth is that it can get fairly expensive. In addition to the costs of renovation and required materials, there are also costs incurred for labour and design, shipping and moving, as well as potential replacement and repair of defective materials and furniture.

Calculating the total budget that you are willing to set aside for your interior design plans allows your home designer to plan the extent of how elaborate you want your Singapore home to be. It also allows you to stay prepared in the event of unforeseen circumstances, providing a greater peace of mind and reducing the stress of renovation.

5. Pick your preferred materials.

Home renovation specialists in Singapore utilise a wide range of materials in their designs to help homeowners best express themselves. For example, wood is a classic choice that conveys stateliness and warmth, while marble is often associated with elegance and luxury. Other materials include polished granite for kitchen surfaces, metal for various sleek finishes, as well as glass for making a space look larger and modern. 

Having a general idea of your preferred materials allows your home designer to utilise complementary materials to bring your dream home to life, keeping it in line with your desired style while incorporating other elements such as room dimensions and position of natural lighting, amongst others.

Looking for a skilled interior design company in Singapore to spruce up your home? Get in touch with us to find out more today!

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