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classroom commercial renovation singapore

Commercial renovation encompasses more than just the design of offices, industrial buildings and public spaces. It also covers the design of educational facilities. 

The interior design of classrooms has a great influence on the learning abilities of students. In order for students to achieve greater academic success, classrooms should take on effective interior design and elements that can help improve their learning. However, many schools today are still not equipped with the most effective design for learning. 

Students can be better prepared for academic success if schools learn to use commercial renovation and intelligent interior design concepts to transform classrooms. Here are some key design elements to consider for your educational facility.

1. Vibrant Colours & Graphics

Graphics and vibrant colours enhance the visual appeal of a space. Furthermore, they contribute to the creation of a sense of community pride, segregate learning areas, and can even help students find their way around school. 

Schools can encourage students to become more creative thinkers through the use of colour and art. Not only that, but they can also affect the mood of students. Also known as colour psychology, colours can elicit various emotions in people and cause them to feel differently. Yellow is effective in maintaining students’ awareness in the classroom, green has positive effects on concentration and blue increases alertness. 

Painting the walls in contrasting colours can also contribute to helping students stay alert. Plain white walls will only bore students and cause them to fall asleep.

2. Thoughtful Lighting & Acoustics

Lighting and acoustics are two of the most critical aspects of classroom interior design and yet they are often neglected. They contribute to a space’s performance and can affect the conduciveness of a classroom’s environment.

Brightly lit spaces are essential for studying because they help students see better. However, excessive brightness can cause discomfort and strain on the eyes. Acoustics are equally as important because they influence how well a teacher can be heard from any part of the classroom.

3. Large & Open Spaces

Cramped spaces and clutter can cause anxiety and stress, which is not desirable in an educational setting. Large, open spaces with a curvilinear design or a high ceiling can encourage visuospatial exploration, making people pay more attention, which is necessary for efficient learning. Large areas can also promote well-being and emotional balance.

If space is an issue, you can work with an interior design company in Singapore to explore ways to maximise space and create the illusion of a larger space through various design elements. 

4. Flexible & Fluid Designs

Classroom furnishing and furniture placement influence how students learn and interact with their peers and teachers. Traditional front-facing desks in a learning environment can hinder students from paying attention and participating more in the classroom. Those seated at the front of the classroom may benefit most, but students at the back may zone out easily. 

Besides, diversity in seating arrangements and fluid interiors help students to break out of their comfort zones, interact more, get fresh perspectives while putting them at ease. 

5. Closer to Nature

Nature can help you develop a positive learning attitude, which is essential for effective learning. Students who are exposed to a lot of natural light and natural elements have higher serotonin levels, which makes them happier and more willing to learn. 

Effective commercial interior design is extremely important in educational facilities if you want to help your students to learn more effectively. Help your students excel in academics today by providing them with a better learning environment. 

Starry Homestead is an interior design company in Singapore that specialises in both commercial renovation and residential interior design. Transform your space with us today. 

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