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Design Tips for Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Pad

Moving into a new home as a bachelor/bachelorette marks the start of an exciting and significant new chapter in your life, and you owe it to yourself to create a warm and inviting space that you can call your own. Moreover, as a single person, you don’t have to worry about anyone else opposing your plans for your new home, so take advantage of freedom afforded to you and make your home truly yours. Here are some condo or HDB interior design tips and inspiration to get you started.

Make Your Sofa Your Bed, Too

Make Your Sofa Your Bed Too-Home Interior Design Singapore

If you’re moving into a relatively small space, maximising what you have is key to creating a functional home. This often comes in the form of multifunctional furniture, such as a sofa bed. With modern technology, sofa beds aren’t the same, uncomfortable contraptions that they used to be in the past, and you can certainly have a restful sleep on a decent, up-to-date sofa bed. Imagine waking up and being able to watch the news right away in your living room; there’s no reason why sleep should only be exclusive to the bedroom.

With that extra space freed up, you not only save money from not having to invest in a bed, you can also transform what would have otherwise been your bedroom into something else. With the help of home interior design in Singapore, you could add more wardrobe space, get a bigger bathroom; the possibilities are endless.

Create Your Own Corner or Room for Your Favourite Activities

Create Your Own Corner or Room for Your Favourite Activities-HDB Interior Design Singapore

One of the many perks of staying single is having more time for your own hobbies, be it gaming, watching movies, or working out. Why not dedicate a room in your home for that? From home gyms to man caves, to gaming rooms, to even arcades, many homeowners today are building their own sanctuaries within their homes that they can retreat into to relax and get away from the rigours of everyday life. It’s like being transported into another world where you can immerse yourself in your favourite activities without any distractions. It’s also important to get reliable condo and HDB interior design in Singapore to help bring your vision to life.

Leave Some Space for Hosting

Leave Some Space for Hosting-Condo Interior Design

As a single person, it’s important to maintain a healthy social circle in order to minimise the occasional loneliness and surround yourself with supportive and like-minded friends. One of the ways to do that is to open up your home and host your friends from time to time. With more hangout spots like board and video game cafes opening up, you too can make space at home for that. Get some warm lights, whip up a good meal, and invite your friends over for an evening of fun and camaraderie. If you’d like to enhance your space to make it warmer and more inviting, a professional HDB or condo interior design company can help with that.

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Create a Walk-in Wardrobe Using an Unused Room

Create a Walk-in Wardrobe Using an Unused Room-Home Interior Design In Singapore

As mentioned above, if you’re going with the sofa-bed idea, you could essentially free up a ton of space in your bedroom for other things. One idea is to create a walk-in wardrobe using that extra space. This is ideal for those who tend to have a vast collection of clothes, or if you’re just looking for the extra layer of convenience that walk-in wardrobes offer. Either way, it does require creative home interior design in Singapore, so consult an expert who will help you implement your desired style.

Expand Your Bathroom Size

Expand Your Bathroom Size-Condo Interior Design

Having a luxurious bathroom with ample space is the dream of many homeowners. Today, bathrooms aren’t just an in-and-out everyday routine; users are starting to value the comfort a good bathroom experience can bring — having a good shower, a warm, leisurely bath, relieving yourself on a multifunctional smart toilet that keeps you warm, snug, and clean; the list goes on. The aesthetics of your bathroom also play an important role in setting the mood for the rest of your day, and a large, spacious bathroom gives you that breathing space and freedom to truly enjoy your bathroom experience. With so many stunning bathroom designs in the market, you can now create your dream bathroom with the help of a good HDB or condo interior design company.

Building your dream bachelor/bachelorette pad is more than just having a grand vision; you’ll also need a reliable partner to turn your plans into reality. Starry Homestead is a full-service, CaseTrust-RCMA approved interior design company that is committed to delivering an award-winning interior design for our client’s space. Let us build your dream home today — for more information about our services, please visit our website.