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Have you ever imagined living alone in an apartment designed specifically to suit your aesthetic preferences? Unfortunately for many of us, because owning a home before marriage is nearly impossible in Singapore, we have to wait until after marriage before we get to have a say in our home interior design.

The bad news is, sprucing up our home in a design style we like may not be easy after marriage. Especially if our spouse has a different taste in home interior design. How do you overcome the opposing viewpoints in order to build a home that both of you will be happy with? Here are some pointers on how to make design decisions without severing the relationship.


1. Find Similarities


Emotions can run high and relationships can sour as a result of disagreements and misunderstandings. So, one way to ensure everyone’s happiness is to begin the renovation planning process with open communication and discussion. 

Spend some time together looking through catalogues and discussing what you like best about your favourite interior design style. Such discussions promote better understanding and may lead to the discovery of a common ground for both of you.

While many home interior design styles are distinctly different, some of them share common design principles and elements that can be combined to create something more interesting. For example, if your spouse likes the rugged elements of the industrial design style but you prefer clean and sleek modern designs, you can always tone down the rugged elements or opt for dark colours in a modern design home to create the industrial vibe.

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Proper discussions will help you sift out the details on which both of you will agree. Building on these will ensure that both of your perspectives are heard and your contributions are considered.

2. Set a Budget



Many times, the decisions we make must be based on what we can afford because what we like may not be the most cost-effective option. If the amount of money you need to spend is a concern for you, begin your decision-making process by allocating a reasonable budget that both you and your spouse can live with.

Money concerns can cause resentment to build. Especially when one party is unhappy with how another person is spending their money, be it irrationally or too restrictive. Creating a budget and making purchase decisions based on what you can afford may be more beneficial to both of you and your relationship.

3. Compromise

Making compromises is essential in any marriage because it helps to keep things civil and relationships strong. Sometimes, loving someone means being able to let go of your ego in order to make them happy. 

The house is not solely yours, and your spouse should be allowed a say in the home interior design. He or she should be allowed to feel happy and at ease in the home to which he or she has contributed. When you learn to give and take when necessary, you will be able to move through the decision-making process more smoothly.

Each of you will have a few treasured items or preferences that you can’t live without. You may not agree with everything your spouse likes. But, before you dismiss something, why not give it a chance and see how it works. 

4. Segregate the Space



One of the best ways to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the home interior design agree with one another’s decision is to divide the house into different areas where each person has the freedom to make their own decor choices. 

Although the interior may not appear entirely cohesive, it gives both of you equal opportunities to design your own home and you each get to create a corner you’ll enjoy spending time in. 


5. Hire a Home Designer


Hiring a professional home designer in Singapore can assist in addressing a variety of design issues. They are well-trained and knowledgeable, and they can assist you in blending your favourite design elements to create a home interior design that ticks all of your boxes.

A home designer can also offer a fresh perspective on things, as well as creative solutions to incorporate both the things you like and advice on what’s more practical based on your lifestyle habits and budget.

Home interior design styles can be fluid and do not have to adhere to strict guidelines. The best spaces are sometimes created by combining two different styles, blending colours, and mixing a variety of elements and accessories.

Are you having difficulty deciding on a home interior design that both you and your spouse like? We can help you. Starry Homestead is an interior design company in Singapore that specialises in end-to-end home interior design and renovation services. Create your dream home with us today! 

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