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Are you addicted to the reality TV show, House Everything? on Channel 8? If you are, you’re probably not the only one! We’ve received positive feedback on our interior design since the airing of the show in October 2019.

In this week’s episode, Starry Homestead’s designer, Ashton, helps to transform a young marketing executive’s bedroom from a disastrous mess into a lady’s boudoir.


The Scenario

Because of her busy work schedule, the owner of the bedroom didn’t have much spare time in tidying up her room. Coupled with her hoarding habit, she found herself living in a chaotic mess of a bedroom. Washed and unwashed clothes, travel memorabilia, cosmetics and other personal items were scattered all over. A refrigerator and packages of instant noodles were also kept in the room.

Her patchwork solution was more wardrobes to keep her plethora of items that had been accumulated over the years in the tiny space. This resulted in a perplex bedroom layout and a disorder of storage space. The additional wardrobe and refrigerator were haphazardly placed in the middle of the room, blocking the doors of existing storage areas. There wasn’t any walking or even standing space. Electrical cables were also buried under piles of recyclable items, making the living space unsafe. Added to that, the room was stuffy with no air-conditioning or fan to ventilate the place.

House Everything Episode 3

Before and after – what a world of difference!


The Challenge

The challenge for the team is to rearrange the layout of the bedroom so that space can be fully and efficiently utilised. Sufficient multi-usage storage space needs to be created to keep the owner’s many different types of personal items. The owner has also requested to have a workspace for her so that she can work at home.


The Solution

Interior designer Ashton picked the European interior style for the bedroom, which he likened to a lady’s boudoir (a French word for a woman’s private bedroom). He noticed that while the owner possesses a distinctive personality, she also has the sentiment of a young lady. To bring out a sense of youthfulness in the design, he included pink in the overall concept.


White is used as the base colour to make the room look more spacious. A mirror placed in the corner of the room also offers a similar effect. The colour teal, as well as added texture in the design, are cleverly employed to create more excitement and a sense of European stylishness in the space. Lights are added to brighten up the room.

However, the key to this design is the smart planning of storage space. Multi-usage storage solutions, including wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling cabinets are built around the perimeter of the room. Additionally, storage underneath, at the side and above the bed is also constructed to ensure enough cache is available to stash away the owner’s possessions. There is even a hidden ladder built underneath the bed for the owner to reach the top cabinets!

To maximise space, a work desk cum vanity table is customised beside the window. At the table’s side shelves, a stencil of the popular Japanese cartoon icon, Hello Kitten, is etched on the sliding door. There is also a cork memo board on the other side of the table for her to pin messages or other information on it.

House Everything Episode 3

A room fit for a lady!


The Bonus

A boudoir is incomplete without a private sitting area for our lady. Thus, under a small ceiling fan, a corner has been designated as the space for relaxation. A refrigerator, which was salvaged, painted pink and decorated with studded jewellery, serves as a pretty decoration cum side table.

For more information about the European style of interior design, please contact the designer of this episode, Ashton Siow at tel. no. 6778 6866.

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