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Interior Design Singapore Turning Your House Into A Luxurious 5-Star Hotel

There is something particularly soothing and relaxing about staying in a nice, posh hotel. From the huge, luxurious bed, to the spa-like bathroom, or even the fancy lobby with a delightful scent, ritzy hotels always go the extra mile when it comes to their modern luxurious interior designs. Therefore, it is no surprise that some guests find themselves coming back for more.

Since all holidays have to come to an end, we may find ourselves wishing our homes give us the same feeling we get from spending our days in a boutique hotel or a luxury resort. So, why not re-create those beautiful settings in your home with these interior design tips in Singapore.

interior design tips in Singapore

1. Use neutral colour palettes

If you have been to different hotels, you’ll realise that most rooms are always in neutral shades and the most popular option would be a minimalistic, all-white interior. But other popular hotels across Singapore like Intercontinental, Mandarin Oriental and The Four Seasons also include other neutrals like beige, brown, grey, light blue and the classic monochrome palette of black and white. If you want a home that is as luxurious as a 5-star hotel, this is where you can start your mini-home renovation in Singapore.

2. Repeat patterns in every room

Most hotels usually implement the same patterns across their rooms to bring the whole design together. Similarly, you can incorporate this idea into your home as well. If you are not fond of recurring patterns, matching home accessories like glass knobs on your cabinet handles, a glass chandelier in the living room, glass compartments in the bathroom and crystal-clear chairs at your vanity in your bedroom are a great choice. All you have to decide is what this pattern or accessory should be and style accordingly from there.

3. Lots of warm accent lights especially in the bedroom

A constant that can be seen in every modern luxury interior design hotel room is the warm, accent lights. This light allows your mind to relax, calms you down and gets you in the snoozing mood. Though warm lighting is not required in every corner of your house, you can install them in the bedroom and/or in the corridor leading to it. You can also choose to add golden bulbs to your nightstand, standing lamp or ceiling lights to make your room even cosier.

Interior design Singapore Add a relaxing scent

4. Add a relaxing scent

Stimulate your senses and bring yourself back to the calming, fresh scents of the hotel or its luxurious spa without leaving your home. The effect of aromatherapy will remind you of the gorgeous-smelling room while you were on vacation, lifting your spirits when you get back home after a long day. Scented candles, aroma diffusers or scented room sprays make for amazing fragrances that will elevate any home’s luxuriousness.

With these tips in mind, do also remember not to go overboard and create clutter! Subtle yet luxe styles speak for themselves. With a little imagination, you can bring any hotel’s luxury ambience to your home. But if you don’t know where to start, contact our experienced designers at Starry Homestead, an award-winning interior designing firm in Singapore! We are more than happy to help you transform your house into something wonderful.

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