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‘Smart’ isn’t just a buzzword; today, it’s a way of life. Once upon a time, a smart home would be perceived as futuristic. But today, with gadgets and gizmos at our every beck and call, integrating technology into homes is fast becoming a norm. The fact that there are palpable positive effects derived from home automation drives more dwellers to make the smarter move.

These intelligent devices can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or computer. They comprise a range of applications from electric appliances to the subtlest detail such as temperature regulation.

For Your Comfort

Comfort is essential in a home. But it can be multiplied by folds in a smart home – especially with the most fitting range of systems in place. In-wall lighting control units by ZigBee, for example, can be operated either centrally or individually. The brightness level can be adjusted accordingly to create the ambience that you desire. So, whether you’re just waking up, relaxing at home or coming back to your abode, you are assured comfort at any time.


For Peace Of Mind

Long gone are the days when a secured padlock is the only mode of security for the dwelling. Technological advancements and innovations have now provided us better, more assured ways of making homes a safer haven.

ZigBee’s smart home security alarm system brings together IP cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, motion sensors, as well as window and door sensors to help monitor your pad 24/7. These devices can help detect if a door or window has been opened or closed, zoom in onto any form of movement within proximity, and provide you with a clear visual of the surrounding area. Monitoring, tracking and all other forms of important information can easily be accessed at the touch of the fingertip from anywhere across the globe.


Enhance Time And Cost Efficiency

Investing in a smart home pays in the long run – because it promotes the efficient use of energy and thus ensures effective cost management. Lights can be dimmed to save operation costs; blinds can be drawn to reduce the sun’s glare that could increase indoor ambient temperatures; while appliances can be remotely switched even after you’ve long left your abode. What’s more, you are able to keep track of exactly where and how much energy is being used in your home. This way, you can adjust its usage accordingly.


Power Of Communication

When you have a cluster of communication devices, it’s recommended that you link them together to one single network. This allows you to have control over them simultaneously. Plus, it lets communication devices work together to best reap one another’s benefits.

Add the ORVIBO S31 to your arsenal of communication tools and link it with Amazon Alexa to give you hands-free voice control over your devices. As if making your commands via your smartphone isn’t effortless enough, you don’t even need to move a muscle (except for your mouth) to voice out a command.


The ORVIBO S31 is a smart Wi-Fi socket that instantly converts any plugged-in devices into a connected and intelligent device. It is in-built with an advanced scheduling function that works with your smart phone anywhere you are.

Without a doubt, the use of smart home systems is truly handy because you get to literally control everything by hand and with a simple touch. To know more, call us at 6264 6866 for further information.

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