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Yes, it’s official. People are turning to the dark side! Not a fan of the Star Wars movies? No problem, because this can still apply to you. By dark, I mean interior designs that use predominantly the black, grey, brown and other dark shades. This modern interior style has its many appeals. Besides making a strong statement with your home, a dark-hued theme can look absolutely chic, elegant and cosmopolitan.

Let us bring you on a tour of one of the apartments that Starry Homestead has recently renovated. Located in Lorong Puntong, this condominium offers a modern interior design with a dark twist.

The primary colour tones of this condo consist of grey, chocolate brown and occasional black for accent. The palette is harmonised with a deliberate choice of natural materials. Rustic wood, timeless marble and large mirrors, which are the features of the interior design, are used to balance the heavier mood.

The sophisticated colours, coupled with contemporary furnishings and some thoughtful and statement-making lightings that carefully highlight the key elements of the design, enhance the luxurious and high-quality feel of the apartment.

1 Lorong Puntong 2

A well-balanced combination of material creates harmony.


On one side of the living room, the rustic wooden accent wall gives the interior an organic yet textural interest. The colour of the wood is matched with several other furnishing and embellishments in the living and dining areas, including the TV console shelf top, dining settees, built-in cabinets as well as the curtains at the balcony.

On the other side of the room, a floor-to-ceiling marble TV feature wall with diagonal graphic shapes draws your eyes to its elegant and high-end approach. The visual juxtaposition between the dark rustic wood and the lighter marble TV feature wall gives the brown and grey affair a sharp yet dynamic contrast. To soften the wood-and-marble look, a grey fabric sofa with throw cushions and matching marble-inspired coffee table offer a cosier touch.

1 Lorong Puntong 1

Dark is the new sexy!


The dining area is fitted with black and brown built-in cabinets that double up as dining settees. Not only does the design make full use of the square footage, but things can also be stored away neatly underneath the L-shape settees. A cluster of cage pendant light fixtures above the dining table provides a warm and intimate mood.

The dining area can also comfortably accommodate guests by adding more chairs to the other two sides of the square dining table. At the same time, the see-through glass between the kitchen and the dining area allows the hosts to interact with their guests while attending to their cooking. Full-length mirrors alongside the wall give the interior a more spacious feel.

1 Lorong Puntong 3

The contrast between the dark wood, beige floor and white walls works perfectly.


Dark bedrooms infuse drama and boldness to the apartment. The enigmatic palette of this bedroom comes from the use of rustic wood, which is consistently applied throughout the home. It is further augmented by the wardrobe and the wooden Venetian blinds. A pair of “floating” nightstands next to the bed is affixed to the wall to help maximise space while keeping the owners’ night-time knick-knacks close by.

1 Lorong Puntong 6

Instead of bedside lamps, reading lights are built into the headboard to optimise space.

1 Lorong Puntong 7

The idea of space-saving extends to the bathroom, where a ledge is built into the toilet for toiletries and other bathroom items.


All in all, the dark-clad interior design appeals to the bold and the courageous (or the Darth Vader in all of us!) who are looking for something pensive and mysterious. If this stylish and fashionable interior design looks irresistible to you, give our interior designers a call to discuss your needs today!

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