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There are often numerous safety precautions that parents with young children must consider when designing their homes. As a result, many of them believe that when children enter the picture, they will have to give up or make significant compromises on their dream home interior design. Fortunately, there are a few interior design tips and tricks that parents can use to make their homes safe for their children while still achieving their desired home aesthetics. So, whether you are a parent embarking on a new house renovation project or looking to childproof a few areas of your home, this article will provide some interior design tips to assist you.

Interior Design Tips To Childproof Your Home

1. Opt for vinyl floor tiles

Once children learn how to crawl, and eventually walk and run, there is practically no stopping them from exploring the home! Nevertheless, popular floor tile choices like ceramic, porcelain, and hardwood are slippery, making fall accidents more likely. Not to mention that they are often hard, which can be painful for children. To prevent such accidents from happening, parents should opt for vinyl floors during their house renovation project. It is a type of highly durable floor tile that is less slippery and softer than other tile options. In fact, vinyl flooring is common in commercial settings that see a lot of foot traffic. Moreover, vinyl flooring comes in a variety of styles and can even mimic ceramic and hardwood flooring – making it a versatile option for any home interior design. 

2. Use non-porous materials

Natural stone tables and countertops, such as those made from marble or granite, give a touch of elegance to your kitchen interior design, but their high porosity makes them difficult to maintain. Thus, these tables are often extra high maintenance for families with children, since children are prone to spilling food and drinks over the surface of the table. Porosity refers to the presence of tiny open spaces within a material. This means that the more porous a material is, the more likely it is to absorb liquids, moisture, and even bacteria, making natural stone vulnerable to damage. As a result, it is common practice to seal natural stone tables and countertops with a sealant to prevent as much damage as possible. However, the sealant’s effectiveness wears away over time, especially when liquids are spilt over it frequently, requiring it to be reapplied on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness.

Since natural stone can be difficult to maintain, why not choose non-porous materials like sintered stone and kompacplus? These man-made materials are just as durable as natural stone and come in a variety of beautiful finishes to match your home decor. The best part is that they are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for children with sensitivities.

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3. Choose acrylic fixtures

As modern and contemporary interior design is so popular in Singapore right now, it is very common to see homes with glass partitions, sliding doors, and even wardrobe fixtures. The reflective surface of the glass often brightens and adds a sense of sleekness to the overall look and feel of your home. With young children running around the house, however, these glass fixtures can quickly become a safety hazard. Fortunately, acrylic fixtures work just as well as glass! Acrylic, a man-made plastic material, has incredible strength and durability while exhibiting glass-like clarity and transparency. In essence, its high resistance to damage and aesthetic functions make it an excellent choice for parents who want to childproof their home while maintaining a modern/contemporary home interior.

4. Buy furniture with rounded/curved edges

Another safety hazard in homes is the sharp edges of furniture, which children are likely to hit with their heads and knees, especially the energetic ones. That’s why parents are strongly encouraged to buy furniture with rounded corners to reduce the chances of injuries happening. This is when the services of an interior designer can be helpful. As they have an eye for sourcing and arranging furniture with rounded corners to suit the aesthetics of your home. In fact, if you cannot seem to find any furniture to your liking, an interior designer will work together with a professional carpentry team to design the perfect furniture for you. 

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5. Incorporate patterns

From spilling milk and juice to playing with food and sneezing, children seem to stain every surface they come across. Even when you, as a parent, do your best to prevent such stains and spills, accidents are always inevitable. A useful trick to hide such stains will be to incorporate patterns in your home’s interior design such as choosing a patterned rug or tablecloth. Compared to solid colours, patterns will draw the eye away from the stains and even help them blend in if the print consists of multiple colours. 

A Beautiful And Safe Home For The Entire Family 

Our homes should be a safe haven where we can engage in whatever activities we want, especially for growing children. Thankfully, with the help of a good interior design firm in Singapore, parents can ensure safety while also achieving their desired aesthetics. That’s why, at Starry Homestead, we aim to make living better and help our customers build their dream homes through inspired and intelligent solutions. Contact us today to learn more