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Interior Design Trends of 2023

Every homeowner dreams of creating a beautiful living space when they first receive the key to their new home. From aesthetically pleasing carpentry work to decorating with one’s favourite items, new homeowners can transform an empty space into a safe haven in many different ways. If you’re a sucker for all things pretty and love keeping up with trends, why not feature all the latest interior design styles in your home? We discuss the top few home interior design trends of 2023 and how you can incorporate them into your home to wow your family and friends.

1. Nature-Inspired Spaces

Also known as biophilic design, incorporating natural elements into your home can do wonders for your interior and mental health. It reduces stress, improves cognitive function and creativity, promotes healing, and enhances your overall well being. Despite having been in trend for the past decade, biophilic design will continue to be a popular home styling method even in 2023 and beyond.

Some simple things you can do to bring the outdoors in is to decorate different corners of your home, such as your tables and shelves, with potted plants. If space allows, consider creating your own outdoor sanctuary by setting up a home garden filled with plants and outdoor furniture. Alternatively, with a larger budget, building a green wall in your home to serve as a feature wall can elevate your space and add visual interest.

Nature-Inspired Spaces Home Interior Design Singapore

Besides beautifying your home with plants, making use of natural resources, such as wood, is a great way to bring in nature. For example, choosing to use wooden or rattan furniture instead of metal, plastic, or leather.

2. Moody Vibes or Gothic Interior

The gothic home interior design style was popular in Europe between the mid 12th century and 16th century. And it is making a return, new and improved, in 2023. We often think of gothic interiors as black and dull, but there is definitely more to it, and can be an extremely charming method to express your personality.

If you’re fond of the dark and mysterious characteristics of gothic design, consider building your own gothic home in 2023. Showcase romantic, dark and elaborate elements, hang golden chandeliers against a moody backdrop of burgundy or navy, pair silverware with black tablecloth, heavy oak furniture against embellished wallpaper, and more.

3. Energetic and Fun Colour Palettes

If gothic interiors are not your thing, then perhaps you’d fancy an energetic and fun one. The good news is, vibrant colour palettes will also be in trend this 2023!

Energetic and Fun Colour Palettes Home Interior Design Singapore

2023 is all about choosing feel-good colours. Colours have a significant impact on humans and your home colour choices will likely affect your mood and quality of life. So, choose lively palettes that can inject plenty of energy, warmth, and happiness into your space. Pay attention to the shades you’re picking for your walls, doors, furniture, and even small decorative items as those can have an effect on you too. And if pairing colours is not your forté, consider engaging a home designer for help.

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4. Sustainability

Climate change is a serious issue affecting everyone around the world, and many of us are beginning to realise the effects they have on the environment. This is why living sustainably has become the new trend today, with homeowners looking for innovative ways to incorporate sustainable living into their home interior design.

Here’s what you can do: build your carpentry with reclaimed wood, buy second-hand furniture to give them a new life instead of letting them go to waste, or choose environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic paint.

5. Curves and Rounded Edges

Organic shapes, curves, and round furniture have been in trend since 2021 and they’ll continue to be a hot favourite even in 2023. They contribute to a softer appearance and can even cosy up your home. On the other hand, squares, straight lines, and sharp edges may cause the space to look rigid. From bed frames and chairs to door frames and cornices, curved features can be incorporated into different parts of your home to elevate your interior.

Curves and Rounded Edges Home Interior Design Singapore

Home interior design trends provide great ideas to help you jazz up your space. Whether you wish to follow these trends or tap into your own ideas, designing a home can be easy with the help of a home designer, some meticulous planning, and attention to detail.

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