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Understanding 5 Most Common Interior Design Styles in Singapore

Tired of returning home to a lacklustre living space that doesn’t reflect your style or personality? Interior design is your key to creating a cosy and inviting home you’ll love. But, with so many interior design styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one suits your taste and needs best. So, we dive into the most common interior design styles in Singapore to help you find the perfect one.

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1. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior-Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore

Originating from the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interior design is a minimalistic style that places emphasis on creating beautiful interiors without compromising quality and function. The Scandinavian interior style has been extremely popular in Singapore due to its ability to make small homes appear spacious and beautiful while remaining practical. Some of its key characteristics include:

  • Cosy Textiles: Despite its minimalist design, Scandinavian interior design is known for its cushy and inviting atmosphere, which can be achieved through the use of soft textiles such as wool and sheepskin, as well as the presence of texture in various parts of the home.
  • Natural Elements: Other materials and items that add onto Scandinavian interior style’s cosiness are natural elements such as plants, wooden furniture, and linen fabric. 
  • Functional Furniture and Quality Craftsmanship: The Scandinavian design favours function and quality, with a focus on clean lines and simplicity. The interior often features pieces made to serve its purpose and last a long time, with nothing redundant present.
  • Airy Spaces: Large windows that let in plenty of natural light is a common sight in Scandinavian homes. It is often coupled with light-coloured walls to reflect and amplify the light to create open and airy interiors.

2. Modern Luxury Interior Design


Known to create a luxurious and elegant environment, the modern luxury interior design style achieves its sophisticated atmosphere by combining modern interior design elements with high-end materials and finishes. This style has become popular in Singapore due to our high-income demographic and the population’s desire for a higher standard of living. Some of its characteristics include:

  • Luxurious Materials and Finishes: In order to exude opulence and grandeur, this style uses high-end materials such as marble, granite, and quarts, as well as finishes such as brass and gold.
  • Statement Pieces: Elements such as unique lighting fixtures, bold artwork, and luxurious furnishings are used to create a sense of drama and interest in the space.
  • Jewel Accents: While the majority of colours used in modern luxury interiors are from a neutral colour palette, they are paired with metallic elements, gold accents such as strips of gold on tables and wardrobes, or jewel-toned accents such as ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue to produce a regal vibe.
  • Smart Home Technology: To further enhance and elevate the lavishness of the space, most modern luxury homes also boast high-tech features such as automated lighting, smart home systems and advanced sound systems.

3. Muji Interior Design

Muji Interior Design-Interior Design Services Singapore

The Muji interior design is a style that draws inspiration from the Japanese brand Muji, which is known worldwide for its minimalist and functional products. The style’s practicality, quality, and ability to generate a calming and peaceful environment are the reasons for the love it receives. Some of its characteristics include:

  • Minimalism: Muji interior design places emphasis on simplicity and minimalism, with a focus on clean lines and uncluttered spaces to create soothing and zen spaces.
  • Functionality: The style favours functional and practical furniture, and it often incorporates efficient storage solutions to keep the space organised and uncluttered.
  • Natural materials: Natural materials such as wood, linen, and bamboo are often used in Muji interiors to add a touch of cosiness and warmth. These materials also create a connection to nature.
  • Soft lighting: Soft and diffused lighting are preferred as they create a warm and inviting atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

4. Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design-Industrial Interior Design Singapore

The industrial interior design style was popularised when people began converting abandoned factories and warehouses into living areas after the industrial revolution. Today, it is well loved in Singapore for its edgy and urban feel, and distinctive look. Its characteristics include:

  • Raw Materials: The industrial interior design style favours raw, rough, and unfinished materials such as unfinished wood, brick, concrete, and metal. On top of that, it features plenty of industrial-style fixtures such as exposed beams and pipes to give the space its edgy vibe. 
  • Neutral Colour Palette with Warm Tones: This style uses shades of grey, black, and white as its background but creates depth and interest with warm tones such as brown, orange, and maroon.
  • Minimalism: With a focus on simplicity and minimalism, the uncluttered spaces allow the raw materials to take centre stage without causing visual clutter.

5.  Contemporary Interior Design 

Contemporary Interior Design-Contemporary Interior Design Singapore

Contemporary design is defined as the popular designs and trends of the moment. It is ever changing, and its definition is hard to pin down. This style has remained popular in Singapore for many years due to its practicality, versatility, and ability to maximise space and elevate interiors in small housing units. Some characteristics that contemporary interior design encompasses include:

  • Minimal: This style is all about keeping things simple and preventing visual clutter. Avoid decorating your space with heavy patterns or excessive ornamentation, and focus on using clean, sleek lines for a streamlined look.
  • Neutral Colour Palette: In line with the style’s simplicity, the colours chosen should create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere that is timeless and easy to maintain. Some options include white, cream, and grey. 
  • Open Layout: Many contemporary homes boast an open-plan layout that maximises space and allows natural light to flow through. This creates a versatile living area that generates a sense of continuity and reduces clutter.
  • Natural Materials: Materials such as wood and stone are the preferred choice in contemporary interiors due to their timelessness, which is a quality that’s important to this style. They also add warmth and texture to cosy up your space. 
  • Innovative Lighting: Contemporary interior design uses visually appealing and functional lighting options including recessed lighting, pendant lights, and track lighting to create ambiance and highlight key design features within the space.

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and this diversity is reflected in the interior design styles found in homes and commercial spaces throughout the city-state. From the minimalist and functional Muji style to the luxurious and glamorous Modern luxury style, there is a style for everyone.
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