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With hundreds of Interior Design (ID) companies out there to choose from in Singapore, it seems hard to find the right one. Choosing the right ID to renovate your home doesn’t have to be tedious process. We encourage our homeowners to look around for a few IDs. You can always book an appointment with us at Starry Homestead to see our difference.

Here at Starry Homestead, we understand the homeowner. As a leading innovative ID company in Singapore, we do our very best to meet our customer’s needs. There’s no job too small or big for us. We simply love homes! With so many questions that comes to mind, we answer some important questions to help you decide.


Is the ID company reliable?

Always make sure that the chosen ID company is a reliable one.  It’s a good idea to do some online research on the company’s background first. Do a quick search on Google. You may find that there’s plenty of great ID platforms like HomeRenoGuru or Qanvast. These websites help to recommend reputable IDs, request quotes and even show their previous projects. Also, you’ll be able to read the reviews from the real home owners themselves.


Which awards to look out for? 

In our previous blog entry, we explained the Super Trust. A Super Trust is awarded to the Designer that have been performing consistently with positive reviews from Qanvast. We are a proud recipient of this Super Trust award and will continue to maintain our high standards. We are also proud recipients of the Nippon Paint Designer of Choice and RenoTalk’s People Choice Award 2016.


What kinds of accreditations should an ID have?

Keep a look out for professional accreditations that matter such as the Case Trust with RCMA, BCA license, HDB license, and BizSafe. These accreditations can help the homeowner to distinguish which are the genuine professional ID firms in the market. The Starry Homestead team are qualified and have received the proper training and qualifications. For instance, Starry Homestead have a BizSafe level 3. Our workers comply with strict guidelines and safety regulations.


Does the company have a Case Trust?

Doing a home renovation is costly. We have heard stories of abandoned projects that leave the home owner in the dark. Having a case trust certified company gives the home owners a peace of mind. Knowing that their hard earned money and investment will be safe. In a worse case scenario, even when a company does close down, the case trust will return 100% of the money back to it’s homeowners. We have a Case Trust with Renovation Contractors and Materials Suppliers Association (RCMA). Only select companies in Singapore have earned this accreditation.


Who is the designer?

Meet your designer and get to know him/her better. It’s important that you are comfortable with your designer. Having a good relationship with your designer will help to ease communication. The renovation project will run smoothly as a result. At Starry Homestead, our designers are both friendly and creative people. We have professional designers who will guide you through the renovation process.


Why Starry Homestead?

The Starry Homestead team are filled with experience. Starry Homestead is an award winning and certified ID. Our portfolio has been featured on magazines and online media. Our team of professionals will take care of all of the renovation project from start to finish. We pay meticulous attention to detail in our work. Our happiness is helping homeowners to achieve their dream home. We will take the stress out of reno work. Book an appointment with us and come visit our showroom. Feel free to contact us for any queries. And thanks for reading! We hope that this article was helpful in starting your home reno journey.