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To parents, nothing is more important than a child’s well-being, and this involves making elaborate arrangements to keep the young one happy, healthy and comfortable even before his/her arrival. While a kid-friendly and chic home requires some thoughtful considerations, it is entirely possible and will not break the bank. Here’s a guide that includes sophisticated, family-friendly home decor designs  and tips with safety and the fun factor in mind. Read on!


Tip #1: Plan Ahead. Your home environment plays an important role in ensuring comfort and safety for the little ones. While newborns are relatively easy to care for, you may also want to consider design features and functions that can cater up till the toddler stage to get the best value out of your money. Planning is key, and keeping your master plan flexible enough shall enable you to easily incorporate future improvements.



Underbed storage


The space-saving underbed storage allows you to store clothes, toys and all your *barang barang so that you can instill discipline and responsibility by letting them practice tidying up after they play.When your child gets older or if he/she gets a new sibling, you can replace the storage compartment with a mattress, and voila! You’ve got yourself a pull-out bed by night.The space-saving underbed storage allows you to store clothes, toys and all your *barang barang while maintaining tidiness in your room / nursery. When your child gets older or if he/she gets a new sibling, you can replace the storage compartment with a mattress, and voila! You’ve got yourself a pull-out bed by night.

*barang barang is a Malay term for ‘belongings’.


Tip #2: Preempt and avoid clutter. Space is a common constraint for homeowners in Singapore, and this would be more acutely felt once there are children at home. Avoiding clutter is not just a fengshui thing, but for practical and safety reasons. Imagine stepping on a plastic toy in the middle of the night as you make your way to attend to your little one. Ouch! From experience, eliminating/reducing chances of clutter is of topmost priority. Here’s what you can consider when planning the nursery or refurbishing your bedroom:


Built-in closet storage

A built-in closet with various storage shelves, pockets and hooks can help you to get organised while keeping the clutter out of sight. Staggered hanging rods are recommended to keep those tiny clothes within reach. For a more budget-friendly alternative, securely stack store-bought modular storage cubes.


Tip #3: Convenience is key. New parents are likely to be overwhelmed and constantly tired as you try to take care of your infant. Having what you need within reach will ensure you to better attend to your baby, so that you can get back to bed faster.


Changing table dresser

The parent duty of changing diapers is unavoidable (and you’d have to do it for a while) but you can make your life easier with a changing table dresser, where everything you need for your newborn is within reach. Not only is it chic-looking and functional, this piece of furniture usually comes with a lot of storage compartments so you can store necessities such as powder, diapers, oils, towels, etc.


Tip #4: Take no chances. It is wonderful thing that children are curious creatures that never stop at exploring and learning our new world. However, that also means that they can get up to more mischief and sometimes, put themselves in danger. Anything on wheels such as mobile carts or cabinets should be removed to prevent movement, as kids tend to lean on furniture. This is especially so for babies who are learning to stand. Vertical surfaces, including tables and chairs, should be solid and in place.

To reduce chances of accident at home, here are some important features that parents should consider:


Baby wall padding and textured flooring

While most of us had likely watched comedies where toddlers ran head-on into the wall and were tickled by the scene, it’d be a living nightmare if our kids banged against the wall. These protective waterproof and scratch-resistant paddings are usually made of foam and come in various designs, which can brighten up any room. You may also consider slightly textured flooring to avoid slips and falls. The same concerns apply in the bathroom where non-slip stickers can be handy to keep the family from slipping in the shower.


Tip #5: Allocate space and create a cosy corner. The living room is a space for family members to gather and spend quality time together. With many new homeowners going for the open concept design, a designated space for child play may keep your children engaged, right where you can monitor them.


Furniture with hideaway space

Place a baby basket on this chic furniture to help you keep an eye on your little one. On top of being a place for resting, an element of fun is created with the clever use of a nook as a hideaway space for young junior!


Tip #6: Stay calm. The arrival of a baby at home calls for much considerations, which can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you will be able to manage just fine, as long as you plan ahead. Stay calm and we hope that the above kid-friendly home decor designs and features gave you some food for thought.


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