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When it comes to the Coastal style of interior design, it is all about capturing the trouble-free serenity of a beach life. This interior style evokes a sense of breeziness and embodies the feeling of relaxation and ease, akin to a retreat by the sea.

This 4-room HDB flat in Potong Pasir not only features the coastal interior design style but also knocked down several walls within the apartment so that an open floor concept is made possible. The result? A light, laidback atmosphere that melts your stress away, as if you’ve never left your last seaside vacation!

The Style

Say goodbye to redundant walls and pigeon-holed rooms! This family embraces openness so that they can have more options for interior design. Additionally, an open concept floor plan gives a sense of spaciousness while allowing the maximum amount of natural light and air into the space.

When it comes to the interior design style, the Coastal interior living works exceptionally well in this unique layout. With the use of natural light, soft, clean tones, crisp white interior and the incorporation of natural elements like weathered wood, fabric and rattan, the interior design evokes an image of beach life all year round.

After Renovation

Except for the bedrooms and bathrooms, walls that separated the kitchen and other rooms are knocked down, resulting in a seamless flow of air, light and line of sight. Replacing the sense of confinement is a singular space with multiple purposes, allowing the family greater interaction. It is also easier for the parents to keep an eye on their child while he plays on his own.

Living Room, Dining Room & Kitchen

Lighting in the space is amplified with pockets of accent lights and lamps. Wood-patterned flooring that resembles reclaimed wood is used throughout the flat to add to the coastal feel.

In terms of coastal furniture, casual, comfortable and easy are key to creating a relaxed and easy vibe. Thus, natural furniture made from rattan, wicker, wood and light, billowy fabrics is picked to fill the living area.

The hallmark tones of the coastal style are white, blue, gold and natural tones, all of which are complementarily used here to create a calm and relaxed ambience. Neutral tones like white, eggshells and tan set the basic palette in the living area. To break up the monotony, navy blue kitchen cabinets with golden handles, island with a golden tap as well as a blond maple dining set with golden pendant lamp are brilliantly incorporated.


This coastal-inspired master bedroom exudes a calming and restful feel. Green, white and neutral tones accented with gold blend perfectly. Additionally, a white wood headboard works well to evoke the charming beach-like decor.

The choice of colours in the kid’s bedroom is more playful and exciting. Strong, bold hues such as yellow, navy blue and bright red offer a nice juxtaposition to the space.


The beach style master bathroom showcases beautiful white streaked marble-patterned tiles and neutral-toned marble floor. A customised bathroom vanity set and built-in shelves add clean-lined functionality.


There is no reason why we can’t inject some humour to the coastal interior style. The common washroom is given a mischievous touch with colourful tiles. To make full use of the angular shape of the bathroom, a customised bathroom vanity set fits perfectly in this odd corner.

If you are inspired by the calming spirit of the Coastal interior design, we can definitely make that happen for your home! Call us at +65 6778 6866 for a free consultation today!

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