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Many Singapore homes have cramped kitchens that are inadequate for large-scale cooking projects during the holidays or for guests. If you’re an aspiring home cook or baker who wants a functional and open kitchen space for ease of movement, keep reading to learn how you can use interior design to maximise your kitchen space.

1. Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional and collapsible furniture is ideal for small spaces and can even save you lots of money. For example, an island can serve as a workstation, dining table, and storage unit while only taking up the space of one piece of furniture. Collapsible tables or extendable counters can also be stowed away when necessary to make room for people to move around.

Previously, multifunctional and collapsible furniture pieces were only available in limited styles, but a growing number of them are now available in aesthetically pleasing designs suitable for all types of kitchen interior design. You can even customise your own multifunctional cabinetry with the assistance of an interior designer

2. Build Vertically

Land scarcity is a major issue in Singapore, which is why our government focuses so much on constructing tall buildings. The same applies to your kitchen interior design. If you have a limited amount of space in your home, instead of building horizontally across your kitchen, why not build vertically to take advantage of more wall space? 

The precious floor space can be saved for ease of movement while tall cabinets and floating shelves and racks are used to store all of your cooking essentials. 

3. Drawers instead of Base Cupboards

If you’ve ever tried to reach for something deep inside a low cabinet, you know how frustrating it is to try to grab what you need without knocking anything else over. Instead of using base cupboards, replace them with drawers so that you can easily pull out the drawer to see what’s inside.  

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Instead of getting multiple small drawers, you can use larger pull-out drawers to maximise storage space.

4. Make Use of Corners

Many homeowners leave corners empty or choose not to build into corners for fear of not being able to reach into them easily enough to fully utilise the space. Corners are also more challenging to clean and maintain, which explains why they are so unliked.

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However, there are many ways to make use of corners while still efficiently storing all of your items. Pie-cut hinge doors and lazy susans are excellent mechanisms that allow you to store items in corner cabinets while still having easy access to things. 

5.  Embrace Open Shelving

Having upper cabinets built around your entire kitchen can make it appear even more cramped, especially if your kitchen space is already small. This is why open shelving is a great storage option for small kitchens. They provide easy access to the items you need while also creating the illusion of a larger space.

6. Integrated Kitchen & Dining Areas

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Even without the luxury of space, many homeowners still insist on having separate kitchen and dining areas. But this is an ineffective use of space if you don’t have big and spacious homes. Another way to make the most of your living space is to design an integrated kitchen and dining area, with your island serving as both a dining table and a workstation for food preparation. 

7. Utilise Portable Open Island

Rather than building a traditional fixed cabinet-based island in your kitchen, experiment with portable and open island carts. They give the appearance of more space and make your kitchen appear more open while still providing useful storage and workspace. A portable island cart also allows you to store it away in another part of your home if you need more floor space, or use it as an extra worktop in another room.

8. Mirror Backsplash

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Mirrors are used in home interiors to open up spaces because they reflect light and add depth. Using mirrors for your kitchen backsplash not only improves the look of your kitchen interior design but also creates the illusion of depth beyond your kitchen walls.

Kitchen interior design is difficult to grasp, and making the most of the available space while trying to remain highly functional can be difficult. Our home designers at Starry Homestead can help in creating beautiful kitchen interiors tailored to your cooking habits. Create your one-of-a-kind kitchen space with us today.

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